The CDC Just Proved That Listening to Republican Leaders Is the Smarter Move

AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee

Well, well, well. The Centers for Disease Control finally caught up to what red state residents and their leaders have been saying all along on how to handle the coronavirus.

Earlier today, my colleague Scott Hounsell wrote on how the CDC released a new guideline saying that the fully vaccinated may return to being human by removing their masks and cease social distancing when indoors. They announced this via Twitter with a graphic that said “COVID-19 vaccines protect against COVID-19.”

What a revelation!

“If you are fully vaccinated against #COVID19, you can resume activities without wearing a mask or staying 6 feet apart, except where required by federal, state, local, tribal or territorial laws, incl. local business and workplace guidance,” said the CDC in their tweet. 

If I’m reading this correctly, then what the CDC is trying to say is that the COVID-19 vaccine protects people against the COVID-19 virus and thus those who have it can stop worrying about the virus and go on living their lives without having to worry about catching the COVID-19 virus.

Odd, because it wasn’t that long ago that we were being told that even if you have the vaccine that you must mask up and social distance. In fact, you must wear two masks! Our own President Biden was fully vaccinated and yet continued to double up on his masks when in public.

According to Doctors, wearing two masks was still necessary because the vaccine doesn’t actually stop you from getting infected, it just makes the effects of the virus duller.

“As the vaccinated person, it’s not just about you,” Dr. Henry F. Raymond, associate professor, Rutgers School of Public Health, told Fox News. “It’s also about the people you may encounter. The vaccine is not making you immune to becoming infected, the vaccine is mitigating the effect of that infection and hopefully in most cases reducing your risk of developing COVID-19, which is the disease.”

This is absolute nonsense, of course. As Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, also a doctor, made very clear, the double mask trend was pure theater. During a hearing with Fauci, Paul effectively backed Fauci into a wall and made him answer for telling people that they should get the vaccine but still continue to buckle down on masking and distancing despite now being immune.

“You parade around in two masks for show! You can’t get it again!” said Paul. “There’s virtually a zero percent chance you’re going to get it and yet you’re telling people that have the vaccine, who have immunity — you’re defying everything we know about immunity by telling people to wear masks who have been vaccinated.”

As Paul made clear, it went fully against the science and was nothing but a way to virtue signal. Hilariously, Paul was proven correct pretty much immediately by Virginia Democrat Tim Kaine who told Paul he wears two masks to make people feel safer.

“I have had COVID, and I’ve been vaccinated, and I wear a mask. I wear a mask to make other people feel safer, even if there weren’t variants,” he said.

In early May, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis released an order effectively telling the state that mask mandates were no longer required. A business may continue to mandate them within their own stores if they choose, but otherwise, the need for masks was gone. Texas Governor Greg Abbott did it back in early March.

The difference here is plain to see.

Red state leaders and citizens aren’t doctors but you don’t need to be a doctor to read the numbers, see the patterns, and know when something is real and something is for show. Republican and conservative leaders acted on actual science, not trends, and because of that, they were way ahead of the CDC, Fauci, and Democrats on what to do about the lockdown and precautionary measures.

Red states do, and everyone else rushes to catch up.

This means we could have been out of this mess long ago but it would appear that the left would rather keep us obeying useless orders and staying home than us going out and living our lives, conducting our business, and not being generally miserable.

The pattern we’re reading now is that red state leaders have the right idea about how to handle things and that if anyone should be setting trends, it’s them. Not Fauci, not the Democrats, and not even the politically infiltrated CDC.


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