Ted Cruz Hilariously Burns CNN After Raul Castro Steps Down as Head of Cuba's Communist Party

If you need CNN, they’ll be in the burn ward nursing the wounds they got from Senator Ted Cruz’s white-hot wit.

On Saturday, it was announced that 89-year-old Raul Castro would be resigning as the leader of Cuba’s Communist Party. Jim Acosta reported this news to Twitter. Ted Cruz saw this and took the opportunity to smack CNN around as every good American citizen should.


Of course, Cruz likely had very good reason to smack around CNN. Aside from being a conservative Senator who has been unfairly attacked by the network ever since he stepped foot into office, Cruz is of Cuban descent himself and his parents fled that country’s communism. It’s likely that Cruz has heard his fair share of horror stories and that many of them inspired him to be the staunch conservative he is today.

Meanwhile, CNN is already in the habit of defending violent communists here in the states and is about one Don Lemon tantrum away from openly advocating for the collapse of the capitalist system so it can install the very failed, very backward system of communism.

CNN spends quite a bit of its time attempting to protect or amplify radical leftists, many of whom are open socialists and call for the collapse of the American system. If we’re being wholly honest, Castro would fit in as a CNN talking head very well. It’s not like he would stand out among their guests and contributors.


Not so surprisingly, Cuba is currently suffering serious economic setbacks thanks to the lack of tourism due to the Coronavirus, its own policies, and restrictions against it by the United States. Food shortages also have hit the country thanks to a lack of tourism and trade and food lines are common as supplies are short.



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