When Keith Olbermann Throws the Word "Fascist" Around and Hits a Noted Libertarian, the Word Is Meaningless

The hard-left sure does love throwing the word “fascist” around but it’s clear that they’ve very little idea what it means. Case in point, when former MSNBC host turned YouTuber, Keith Olbermann, calls a noted libertarian a “fascist,” we can safely assume the word has lost all meaning.


It all started with Soave making a very solid point about vaccinated people still wearing masks, specifically how Joy Reid thinks people who are vaccinated but won’t wear masks are “irrationally paranoid.” Soave called this “completely insane” and pointed out how Reid is backward. In fact, she’s the paranoid one.

Soave made the point that doing so is “performative” and he’s not wrong.

“I’m sorry if you don’t want hear this—and why don’t you? it makes no sense—but if you’re fully vaccinated and you’re still wearing a mask when you’re walking outdoors, you are engaged in a performative act. Pure safety theater,” he tweeted.

Olbermann, who might be one of the most performative leftists in the history of cable news, decided to fire back with zero control in the same way a person who doesn’t know how to fight flails around in an effort to attack someone. Not only did he use polite expletives, he ended up calling Soave a “fascist.”


“You do realize, Mr Dips**t, that we still haven’t confirmed that the vaccinated can’t carry the disease asymptomatically. We are doing the “performative act” to save your useless ass. If you’d prefer we don’t, it can be arranged,” tweeted Olbermann with the hashtag “#F**kOffFascist.” 

The only issue here is that Soave is a noted libertarian, and libertarians are diametrically opposed to fascism and value very little government control over the majority of society. Soave’s ideological makeup puts him as far away from fascism as you can get. What he said in his series of tweets on the subject didn’t even approach anything near fascism, yet Olbermann still used it.

And here we see one of the issues the left has. It likes to throw around buzzwords at anyone and anything that displeases them whether the word fits the person/situation or not.

They tell you you’re homophobic or transphobic if you disagree with anyone from the LGBT community, but chances are, you don’t have an irrational fear of the LGBT community, you just disagree with some of their points or approaches. They call you racist if you think Black Lives Matter is a horrible organization, yet they don’t explain how their approach to “justice” is you declaring your hatred or prejudice for people of different races.


They call you fascist yet you never exhibit fierce authoritarianism and forcible suppression based on ideological purity.

Know who does, though?

The hard-left, which continues to destroy, burn, pillage, and worse just because they didn’t get their way. The hard-left, which continues to encourage these riots to happen from positions in congress. The hard-left that gave birth to cancel culture and ruins the lives of anyone they consider in opposition to them.

The word fascist has a lot of weight to it, but Olbermann, a member of the hard-left, just proved that their buzzwords are lighter than air. No substance, no thought, just pure hatred, ignorance, and stupidity.


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