70-Year-Old Mexican Woman Beaten Half to Death by Black Woman Who Thought She Was Asian

There’s a lot of talk about white supremacy involved in the Asian hate that is hitting America like a plague, but the fact is that it’s not white supremacy.


Yesterday, Project Veritas showed undercover footage of CNN technical director Charlie Chester noting that he attempted to study attacks on Asian-Americans and found that quite a bit of it was black men doing the assaulting. Another Black Lives Matter activist was recently charged with hate crimes against Asian-Americans as well.

Now, a black woman has brutally beaten a  70-year-old, Mexican-American woman on a bus in Los Angeles after mistaking her for being Asian.

According to the Daily Mail, the woman’s name is “Becky,” according to her son. Becky suffered a concussion, broken nose, and had some of her hair pulled out after she was targeted by 23-year-old Yasmine Beasley. Reports say Beasley began attacking Becky while the elderly woman was attempting to get off the bus, after Beasley threw anti-Asian slurs at her.

‘Nobody would help. Not even the bus driver,’ Pete, her son, said.

Daily Mail reported that Pete identified Beasley as black and that the assault only ended once his mother called 911. Beasley has been charged with battery.


This is not a condemnation of the black community as a whole, nor should it be. Regardless, hate crimes are horrible, but to pretend as if this is exclusively a problem coming from the white community is only going to make the problem worse. We need to call crimes out for what they are, no matter who commits them. Attempting to pass every racial attack off as “white supremacy” only emboldens those who would commit these horrible crimes that aren’t white. More Asian-Americans will suffer as a result.

We shouldn’t be playing racial favoritism in this country on a level as, at the end of the day, this is still racism. It’s a shameful mark on our nation that we as Americans don’t have the courage to call out a swath of crimes if they’re not committed by white people.


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