Trump Called It on the "Soup for My Family" Lie Just Used by Rioters on CNN Reporters

AP Photo/John Raoux

President Donald Trump had dealt with the Antifa/Black Lives Matter riots quite a bit during his time in the White House and sure enough, the guy even narrowed down some of the tactics rioters used down to the nitty-gritty, effectively calling one of their tactics out and dragging it into the open.

Fast forward to the riots surrounding the Daunte Wright shooting and you have rioters being interviewed by CNN reporters (when they aren’t being violently chased out of the area) doing exactly what Trump called them out for.

This time, the lie we’re talking about, in particular, is the “soup can” lie.

To give you some background, rioters tend to use makeshift shields and weapons when they’re up to no good and start making trouble in your neighborhood. They tend to bring things from home that become effective for throwing. One of the things they found is very good for throwing is the soup can. It’s not too heavy, but it has just enough heft that when thrown it can seriously hurt anyone it strikes.

It also has a great excuse built-in. If caught with it by authorities, they can simply say it’s food for their family.

This is exactly what one rioter did with a CNN report and as Twitter user ACYN pointed out, this is exactly what Trump called them out for doing not long ago.

Watch for yourself.

Interestingly enough, once this hit the internet, other people began showing you how “soup for my family” has been showing up all over the place, including in meme form.

Needless to say, rioters are clever, but they aren’t that clever. What’s more, their quasi-cleverness could get someone seriously injured or even killed if it hits them right.

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