Texas COVID Rates Continue to Plummet Despite Warnings That the Apocolypse Was Nigh

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When Texas lifted the mask mandate, Democrats and leftists from both within and outside of the state cursed the name of Governor Greg Abbott and predicted that doom would befall the Lone Star state erelong. In foreboding declarations, they proclaimed from the mountaintops that COVID spikes would hit the state, killing its foolish people that didn’t heed the warnings of their god-king Fauci.


Exhibit A:

Now, these prophets of death look like the guy on the corner wearing a cardboard sandwich board with “the end is nigh” scrawled on it with the marker they just got done sniffing.

In truth, since lifting the mask mandate, COVID numbers have gone down across the board.

According to WFAA earlier this month, Texas is hitting “record lows” of COVID infection cases:

Texas health officials reported fewer than 1,000 new COVID-19 cases Monday for the first time since early June 2020.

This is one of many statistics that have been declining across the states the past few months.Last Monday, the state opened up vaccines for all Texans 16 years and older. So far, 16,653,045 Texans have received a COVID-19 vaccine dose and 4,561336 people have been fully vaccinated.

State health officials reported 837 cases of COVID-19 Monday. This is the first time there have been fewer than 1,000 new cases since June 8 when there were 638.

Texas has had fewer than 5,000 reported cases every day since March 3.

The state’s current 14-day average is 2,225. This is the lowest it has been since June 6-19 when it was 2,158. The record-high 14-day average happened from Jan. 4-17 when it was 18,915.


So no spike. The self-proclaimed science followers of the left have new data to factor into all their scientism that I’m sure they’ll get right on to factoring as soon as they possibly can.

This does lead to more questions, however.

For one, we can plainly see that vaccines are working. As WFAA reported, over 16 million Texans have received the vaccine. Along with the ever-increasing warming weather, COVID is becoming harder to transmit. Then, on top of that, it’s been proven time and again that lifting lockdowns and mask mandates has little no effect on whether COVID is a problem. In fact, we have evidence that lifting lockdowns help alleviate COVID infection rates.

So now you have to ask yourself why people want continued mask mandates and lockdown measures. If vaccines are working, why do we need to still play by all the rules we were playing by when we didn’t know much about the virus to begin with?

Moreover, you have to wonder why the left isn’t overjoyed by this news. Why they seem to be clinging on to some hope that things will get worse.


Seems to me that people would be happier with further suffering if it meant their political side is proven right. Never mind that lockdowns ruin lives, cause massive depression, and destroy economies. All that matters is that those Republicans and conservatives get theirs.

This is what happens when politics becomes your life. It literally drives you insane.


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