It's Not Science if It's Politics

(Robin Dienel/Carnegie Institution for Science via AP)

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably hitting a “two” on the 1-10 surprise scale about the attack 60 Minutes conducted on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. The only reason there’s any surprise there at all is because of the level of absurdity and blatant hiding of the facts that were all right in front of us, and one can’t help but wonder why such a news show would be that dishonest.

I won’t go too far into the details of that story in this article, but I definitely suggest you read up on it if you haven’t yet. The story is still developing as of this writing.

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Editing out DeSantis’s words about why he rolled out the vaccine as he did was bad enough, but one thing that got my attention was the blatant disregard for the science. You see, DeSantis chose to make elderly Floridians some of the first to receive the vaccine because they were the most at risk. Elderly people being the most susceptible to COVID-19 has been common knowledge for some time now. It was one of the first things we really learned about the virus. Giving it to them is the smart thing to do.

Yet, 60 Minutes acted as if DeSantis was making some kind of irresponsible decision by doing this.


The mainstream media is part and parcel of the Democrat Party. This is the same party that is always declaring itself to be the “party of science” and demands that when it comes to matters of the virus, we should listen to them because they are the ones at the forefront of obeying what their scientists tell them. This is why there need to be more lockdowns and stacking masks on your face until they’re three feet out ahead of you.

Yet, looking squarely at the evidence, we can see that Democrats have no real obedience to science. This is the same left that openly said that vaccine or not, people should be wearing masks because you still might be susceptible to mutations of the virus. There’s still no evidence to suggest we are and according to studies, the vaccines are effective against different strains of the Coronavirus. So what’s the big deal? Why not give it to the elderly when they need it the most? Why is the left more obsessed with getting the vaccine to teachers first?

The real answer is that the left isn’t really into “science,” at least not 100 percent of the time. Science has its uses, but when it comes to actual science, it actually rubs Democrats the wrong way on many an occasion. For instance, science tells us that there are only two genders as dictated by the XX/XY chromosomes that make up what our sex is, yet the left will cancel you at the drop of a hat if you deny this fact. They’ll ignore the science and put men in women’s sports, all the while shouting the very obvious falsehood that women can have penises.

The left has also been proclaiming that we’re going to kill our planet in a matter of years thanks to global cooling, or global warming, or just climate change in general…ya know, whatever. Yet those dates they set for us come and go with no real change. Mainstream discussion of climate change isn’t really allowed. “The science is settled” they proclaim.

“The science is settled” isn’t exactly something you’d hear a scientist say. Science is the search for the answer, not the answer itself, and what we know about everything is infinitesimal, even about our own planet. We’ll never discover more about it and find the answers we seek if we’re not allowed to doubt or argue.

Science stops being science when it becomes political, and the left has made making science political a very bad habit. It doesn’t take well to scientific debate. Discoveries are often brushed aside if they’re inconvenient. It even takes a backseat when the social justice movement is offended by anything attached to it.

This is the same left that holds back universities from researching regret felt by those who have transition surgeries because of fear of backlash.

The left isn’t concerned with science, it’s concerned with politics. It’s only made America feel it’s the party of science thanks to its ownership of the mainstream platform. Rest assured, however, it’s holding us back.


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