One Thread Brings the Receipts on Why Miami Beach Issued a State of Emergency, Demolishing the Media's Narrative

The media didn’t wait for the facts when it came to the state of emergency issued by the city of Miami Beach, Florida. They would like you to believe it was a COVID-19 issue, with everyone from CNN to VOX slapping the big red panic button on the “DeSantis-presented” super spreader event.


It wasn’t that at all. The city issued curfews and issued a state of emergency because, as one Twitter thread thoroughly shows you, the young crowds had gotten so rowdy and violent that authorities had to shut it down. Why can’t the media just say that? As you’ll see, it’s because the crowd that was primarily causing the problems consisted mainly of black people, and the media isn’t allowed to say anything bad about primarily black crowds.

The Twitter user “Mommar” presented a rather lengthy thread that showed video evidence of what exactly was happening in Miami Beach that led to the issuance of the state of emergency and even gave some background and context on what happens in the city during these times. Needless to say, you’re not going to find the media talking about this in detail like you will here.

For one, a big problem is restaurants getting trashed and people walking out on their very expensive tabs. Not only is the restaurant having to foot the bill for the food, but they’re also having to pay for any damages these crowds inflict on the establishment. One restaurant was hit with this kind of chaos two nights in a row.


As Mommar notes, fights, destruction, and walking out on tabs are very common. So is the traffic-halting mid-street twerk. In one video, you witness two waiters literally chasing down a guy who attempted to bail on his tab as women block the intersection so they can twerk.

These fights even occur in airports as Mommar points out. What’s more, the fights go from regular brawls to deadly occurrences.

Mommar then breaks down what’s really happening vs. what the media is trying to sell you. As they try to make this a DeSantis/COVID problem, the Twitter user points out that it’s Miami Beach’s Mayor Dan Gelber who spent almost no time preparing for the regular occurrences of fights and destruction, and instead used a lot of his time complaining about DeSantis.


“What you see here are 2 things,” Mommar tweeted. “1) over politicization of police work. The NAACP called Miami Beach PD racists last year and this is what happens when you don’t let the police do their jobs. 2nd and more importantly complete lack of foresight & planning by elected officials like {Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber] & company. He spent more time this past year on CNN complaining about DeSantis than taking care of his own house. Cities get the leaders they deserve. Miami deserves better.”

Where does Mommar’s authority come from? He’s a Miami Beach resident himself.


At this point, police are completely unequipped to handle what’s happening in Miami Beach. Issuing a curfew only made the situation worse as you can see from these videos.

It seems the media isn’t just refusing to cover what’s really going on in Miami Beach, it’s terrified to do so. Saying anything negative about black people will automatically get you canceled. It’s much more narrative safe (and useful) to make it about your political enemies using a highly talked about issue like COVID.

Young people get rowdy when they’re having fun, no matter what color they are, but this crowd happens to be black and so it’s radio silence. That’s just one reason that explains why the media is talking about it.


The other is that doing so would mean actually looking into why the city wasn’t able to handle the crowds and that would likely lead to a Democrat politician being exposed as a failure. Police seem afraid to do their jobs, and that’s on top of the fact that Miami Beach politicians are equipping them with the tools to do it. In the end, Gelber is to blame for his inability or unwillingness to do what needs to be done to keep the city safe.

In any case, it’s currently a “Lord of the Flies” issue with Miami Beach, not a COVID issue. Don’t let the media fool you.



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