Less Is More, but for Biden It's Nothing at All

Official White House Photo by Adam Schultz

Silence is golden. No news is good news. The less said the better.

All of these are phrases that I personally find true and worth living by. That may seem a bit odd, considering my job is to both talk and write words that say as much as humanly possible, but words are what my career demands.

It’s what Joe Biden’s career demands, too. The flipside of the values I very much like about silence is that, in his position, silence isn’t golden, it’s harmful. No news usually means something is being hidden from us, and saying less only exacerbates the disconnect between his administration and we the people.

Biden is now 50 days without a press conference. What’s even more troublesome is 50 days is exactly how long he’s been in office. He’s never taken one. He’s not submitted himself to questions from the press or the people. He’s not explained his actions, given details about choices, or even so much as gave an update as to any of the projects he’s working on.

This is, so far, one of the least transparent administrations in American history. It’s disturbing, and it raises a lot of questions; questions that many have been asking since he first stepped up onto the debate stage.

Many have questioned whether or not Biden was fit to run for president. Too often, he seemed confused about what was going on, stumbled over his own tongue, became hostile at the drop of a hat, and would go on long, rambling stories that went nowhere and seemed rather awkward. His campaign would often call “lids,” further heating up the suspicions that he didn’t have the stamina or mental capacity for sustained strain. Who knows what would happen, how he would sound, and what he would say on days where he was clearly exhausted and out of juice?

Then, there were the rumors that Biden is already just a POTUS in name only, with Harris actually stepping up to do the duties usually reserved for Biden’s position. As Sean Hannity highlighted on Fox News, Harris might be in the spot behind Biden, but he’s pushing her into spots that usually belong to him:

“Biden is now reportedly encouraging his vice president to engage directly with world leaders — that would be his job — and by the way, even develop her own rapport with U.S. allies. Harris has also been meeting weekly with Secretary of State Anthony Blinken. So the question tonight is, why?”

Hannity added: “If Joe Biden is not up to the task, well, we know that he rarely appears in public, we know that he takes very few questions. We know he hasn’t even scheduled a joint session of Congress for the State of the Union address.” [….]

“We can all see with our own eyes that Joe is frail, he is weak, and yes, he’s struggling cognitively,” Hannity said.

“Even a few dozen Democrats now are trying to take away the nuclear codes from Joe Biden so it’s not in the hands of just him, one person … and his vice president now holding one on one calls with other world leaders. So what’s really going on here? Who’s in charge? And by the way, should we be concerned?”

It’s almost as if Biden isn’t even president. America elected a ghost. He’s there for photo-ops and marketing purposes.

This is disturbing because it means that America is being run by unelected bureaucrats that won’t feel the need to answer to us. They can do whatever they want behind the scenes, while everyone focuses on a man that won’t say a word because these same bureaucrats aren’t letting him.

Democrats aren’t concerned with answering to you. You’re a hurdle they have to get over. Biden’s silence, not of his own doing but likely of theirs, is a perfect example of this.



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