It's Not the Left's Place to Tell Us What Is and Isn't Offensive

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Probably like you, I’m pretty sick of hearing about what is and isn’t “problematic” or “offensive” to the general populace, and the more I see people weigh in on what constitutes “cancel culture” and “racism.”


Lately, I’ve been watching a few content creators on various platforms like Tik Tok and YouTube, many of them black or Asian, who have been speaking out about the recent decisions by businesses looking to crack down on the racism and sexism of the past by deleting episodes of television shows or taking books out of circulation.

Dr. Seuss is the most recent one who saw both Black and Asian content creators making it clear that they don’t find the depictions in these books offensive. Now we’re seeing that the classic cartoon character Speedy Gonzales is also on the cancel culture chopping block, with one Hispanic comedian speaking out against the woke mob trying to bring it down.

According to Fox News, comedian Gabriel Iglesias mocked cancel culture in defense of the fast Mexican mouse.

“I am the voice of Speedy Gonzales in the new Space Jam,” tweeted Iglesias. “Does this mean they are gonna try to cancel Fluffy too? U can’t catch me cancel culture. I’m the fastest mouse in all of Mexico.”


Iglesias, clearly a Hispanic man, didn’t find Speedy Gonzales at all insulting or “problematic.” The various minorities who spoke out against the cancelation of various characters also didn’t find anything wrong with depictions of their cultures in children’s books. The same could be said by those who spoke out against the elimination of other figures of color such as Aunt Jemima products, or even portrayals by actresses such as Hattie McDaniel’s “Mammy” in Gone With the Wind.

These people didn’t find these things offensive, yet the left has decided that they are offensive for everyone else. They are making up the mind of society with zero authority to do so, and they have no authority for a very simple reason.

To say what is and isn’t offensive to society, the left would have to speak for everyone but America doesn’t work that way. We’re a society of individuals who may disagree or agree for various reasons. The left, however, believes that it has go-ahead to make decisions and declare stances on behalf of minority communities whether it’s racial or sexual.

“It’s offensive to the black community” is thrown around so often by the left that many just take that for granted, especially given the fact that the black community votes Democrat by majority.


Still, there are millions of people who look at this “problematic” or “offensive” thing and see nothing wrong with it, yet despite this, they’ve been spoken for.

If I was a minority figure and people began speaking on my behalf without consulting me, I’d be furious. To be sure, American minority communities should be. This is the left effectively putting them into a box, slapping tape over their mouths, and declaring without a second thought that every person from X culture or X amount of melanin in their skin all believe the same exact thing about any given subject.

That, in itself, is absolutely racist. It robs the individuality of the person from them. It makes it clear that there is no agency for them. They’re a part of the body politic and any attempt at arguing differently will have consequences.

Back in 2015, a movement rose up alongside the #GamerGate hashtag called #NotYourShield. It was used by minority communities and members of the LGBT community to shut down members of the leftist press, activists, and politicians whenever they would say declare that they were appalled and completely against the #GamerGate movement. The #NotYourShield hashtag would accompany many tweets from minorities, declaring that the left had no right to speak on their behalf and that they wouldn’t be using their person as a prop in their fight against #GamerGate.


I feel like something like that should come back in hashtag form so that anytime the left decided to start speaking on people’s behalf without their permission again, they would be greeted by said hashtag en masse, and all who witnessed would understand that the leftist was actually bereft of support for their position.

Perhaps #NotYourShield should make a comeback itself.



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