"He Was a Fighter": Trump Reacts to Rush Limbaugh's Death With Glowing Remembrance

"He Was a Fighter": Trump Reacts to Rush Limbaugh's Death With Glowing Remembrance
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Former President Donald Trump decided to call into Fox News to give his comments about the passing of Conservative talk show radio host Rush Limbaugh and spoke very highly of the man he had awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom to.

Trump recalled the moment he awarded the medal to Limbaugh, stating that the moment was special and Limbaugh was special.

He was then asked when the last time he spoke with the legendary talk show host was, noting that he had phoned him three or four days ago just to find out how his battle with lung cancer, adding that though he was very sick, his fight was very courageous.

“From diagnosis on it was just something that was not going to be beaten but you wouldn’t know it,” Trump said.

Trump went on to compliment Limbaugh’s loving wife Catherine Limbaugh, and that the fight they undertook together was very brave.

“In theory, he could have been gone four months ago but he was fighting till the very end,” said Trump. “He was a fighter. A great gentleman.”

Trump said that Limbaugh was irreplaceable and was wowed by his ability to talk for hours after studying very hard.

“He was a fantastic man, a fantastic talent, and whether people loved him or not, they respected him,” said Trump

The announcement for Limbaugh’s death came on Wednesday noontime after having lost his battle to lung cancer. The death, while expected, shocked many Americans who shared fond memories and respect for the man.

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Rush Limbaugh is responsible for the rise of the alternative media that challenged mainstream media narratives and put conservatism on the map. Many of the conservative outlets today can trace their roots back to Limbaugh. His radio show was capable of ruining narratives, changing minds, and teaching people to think for themselves.

He continued to go undefeated and in the end, it took his own body to stop him.

RIP Rush.

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