Josh Hawley Flips the Script, Calls for Ethics Investigation Against Democrats Who Filed Complaints Against Him

Josh Hawley Flips the Script, Calls for Ethics Investigation Against Democrats Who Filed Complaints Against Him
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Missouri Senator Josh Hawley has been targeted by the left for weeks after going through the legal process of objecting to the Electoral College decision earlier this month. Both he and Texas Senator Ted Cruz have been blamed for the riot at the Capitol, with claims that their objections led to an insurrection.

Neither of the Senators are truly guilty for the riot but as a result, both Senators have been mobbed online, and Hawley himself lost a book deal. Despite this, neither Senator has backed down, and Hawley has decided to officialy go on the offense.

According to Fox News, Hawley has written two letters, one of which is now calling for an ethics investigation into the seven Democrats that filed complaints against him and Cruz:

Hawley aired his grievances in two letters sent Monday morning. In one of the letters, Hawley, R-Mo., called for the Senate Ethics Committee to investigate the seven Democrats who filed the complaint against him and Cruz, R-Texas, accusing the senators of filing “an unprecedently frivolous and improper ethics complaint… [w]ithout citing any relevant evidence or offering any good-faith argument.”

“The complaint against me does not suggest that my objection to Pennsylvania’s electoral votes was legally improper. No Senator could make such a suggestion with a straight face. Federal law expressly authorizes Senators to object that a State’s electoral votes were not ‘regularly given,'” Hawley says in his letter to the Ethics Committee. “Democrats have repeatedly invoked this provision. Indeed, in every presidential election since 2000 that a Republican has won, Democrats have sought to object to electoral votes on that ground, regardless of whether any good-faith basis existed for such objections.”

Hawley is correct. He and Cruz utilized a legal avenue of objection as many Democrats are familiar with themselves. Both then-Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton objected to the electoral vote count of George W. Bush.

Democrats claim Hawley stoked the riots after a photo of him with a raised fist appeared on the internet. Democrats have no elaborated on why this photo means Hawley is responsible for the riot, except to say that doing this gesture meant a show of solidarity with them.

One would suppose they would know. Democrats do that gesture during riots all the time.

But other than a photo of Hawley making a fist, Democrats have no real evidence that he or Cruz had any part in actually inviting or arranging the riot. It’s a point that Hawley makes in his letter to the Ethics Committee, followed by a call to investigate Democrat leadership and the Biden administration about their connections to lobbyists or businesses that have declared they’d no longer do business with the candidates or donate to their campaigns:

“Most astonishingly, the Democrats who filed the complaint against me insinuate—without any evidence whatsoever—that I or my staff may have conspired with the criminals who stormed the Capitol,” Hawley said. “In most jurisdictions, such statements would constitute defamation per se, and if offered during debate they would constitute a clear violation of Senate Rule XIX.2.”

Hawley specifically asked the Ethics Committee to investigate whether the seven Democrats had coordinated with a handful of outside groups, Democratic leadership, including the Biden administration, and whether or not they’ve been in contact with lobbyists and corporations who have said they will no longer donate to Hawley or Cruz.

Hawley also sent a letter to the Demcorats who filed complaints to him directly, telling them they’ve adopted a “woke-mob mentality that you should cancel anyone who disagrees with your views” and that they know full well that their claim that he’s actually responsible for the mob is “shamefully false.”

“In light of the shameful abuse of the ethics process you have deliberately engaged in, I have considered whether I should call for you to resign or be expelled from the Senate,” Hawley wrote. “But I continue to believe in the First Amendment, which the US Supreme Court has repeatedly said protects even ‘offensive’ and malicious speech, such as yours.”

Hawley added that he’s not intimidated by the left’s efforts to silence him and that he won’t be intimidated before telling the Democrats they should be ashamed for their gross abuse of power.


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