Here's a Perfect Explanation of Why the Capitol Hill Riot Happened

Here's a Perfect Explanation of Why the Capitol Hill Riot Happened
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People are still pointing fingers at one another over the Capitol Hill riot, but the real reason behind it is a bit more simple than some may think.

In truth, it’s been made clear to some Americans that attempting to talk it out and even take their grievances to the voting booth isn’t working. However, they flip on the news and see riots happening as those involved scream things like “black lives matter” or “defund the police.”

They see this and then see politicians, media, and “experts” heap praise on these violent radicals, and politicians both defend and even encourage them. For some Americans, they see violence get results and a dangerous idea begins to formulate in their head.

This was the excellent point made by Breitbart writer John Hayward who made one of the most poignant threads for the beginning of this year.

“Our pretensions to civilization have become very thin,” begins Hayward. “Political violence was legitimized last year and is spreading wildly now. “Might makes right” is clearly the only “principle” behind freedom of speech. That’s why Chinese Communists will never be censored by Big Tech.”

“When every “principle” becomes nothing but a ruthless exercise of power, it’s not surprising that a growing number of people conclude they must demonstrate some sort of power in order to be taken seriously,” he continued. “Violence is the crudest exercise of power.”

Hayward makes the point that an advanced civilization must make violence a rejected method of getting one’s way but must do so across the board in order for the practice to be refused by the populace as a whole. Making violence acceptable for one party but not another throws this out the window, causing actual discourse to deteriorate and become useless.

People begin getting the idea that violence gets results and that the law won’t really touch those who do get violent. As a result, we slide back into barbarism.

Right now, violence is being practiced by the left almost constantly with actual discourse and conversation a taboo concept. They claim they do this because they are the victims and it’s their only recourse. It’s a complete lie, but it’s the lie they’ve used to pardon their own violence for years.

“A great deal of our society today boils down to anarchy and barbarism arrogantly disguising itself with the trappings of civilization,” tweeted Hayward. “That’s the key to understanding cancel culture and crybullies: they sanctify their lust for power by loudly claiming to be helpless victims.”

As Hayward notes, as people are told to believe in the system they’re being abused by those who don’t adhere to its principles. They continue to destroy and do violence as they preach unity, steamrolling over the people as they laugh at their polite responses.

“The message has been sent, over and over again: you want to be taken seriously? Get some real power. Show some muscle,” notes Hayward. “Nobody in D.C. is afraid of people who work hard all day and pay their taxes. You have no connections, no influence, no leverage. You’re no threat.”

After all this time, it shouldn’t be surprising that some of those on the right became violent enough to raid the Capitol building. As Hayward says, it doesn’t excuse them from doing so, but it’s important to understand that this didn’t just happen in a vacuum.

The truth is, this is likely going to get a lot worse before it gets any better and the only way to make it better is for political violence to be denounced across the board, from both parties, and at all times.

However, this just isn’t happening, especially on the left who, for the last four years, has made violence a legitimate form of expression no matter how dark it got.

We can’t run a stable and advanced society if one party isn’t willing or capable of understanding that no matter what qualifiers they attach to it, violence is violence and wrong at every turn. Otherwise, the majority of people can scream to the rafters about not being violent, but more and more people will cease listening to the calls for peace.

The left is effectively teaching the right to do what they do in order to get results and this can only end in more blood and destruction.

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