Don't Buy the BS They're Selling to You About "Progress"

Don't Buy the BS They're Selling to You About "Progress"
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We’re defining things as being “progressive” which are anything but lately and what’s more, the media is trying way too hard to sell it.

To give you the latest example I came across, College GameDay released a short video about Sarah Fuller, the girl who walked onto the field during a Vanderbilt game and kicked a ball a whopping 20 yards. We were told that this was a historic moment in sports and that Fuller was just the first of a lot more to come.

Collectively, the world groaned. Not only did we not want to see a female enter into a male league for the very real reason that women do not compete on the same high level as men, but because we all knew that the celebration of her would be over the top, ridiculous, and given the chance by the mob, mandatory.

But outside the angry tidal wave of bad comments that would come your way for being the guy isolated to receive the mob’s brand of “justice,” one thing I find even more insufferable is the way the mainstream media attempts to sell it. For instance, GameDay included an interview with Vanderbilt quarterback Might Wright who claimed that when Fuller kicked the ball, there were people on the sidelines who were tearing up.

There aren’t enough trucks in the Dallas metro area that could hold the amount of bullsh*t that would equal out to that claim by Wright. No, I don’t believe for even two seconds that there were players tearing up on the sidelines and if they were I’m pretty sure it was because the kick Fuller gave them was so horrible that it was just the icing on the manure cake that the 21 to naught game was.

In truth, it was a horrible kick that was called by a coach trying to use the media and public opinion to save his job. It didn’t work. He’s now fired and Fuller is still an embarrassment.

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against Fuller personally. I don’t know her. She might be a decent person who now has to try to save face by taking the path of least resistance, and that currently is the way the media treats women who do anything men do, with utter reverence.

But a strike against her, Wright, and anyone else pushing this narrative that what Fuller did was somehow a good thing are all guilty of attempting to sell what is clearly a bad idea as being something “progressive” and “good.”

It’s not.

As I’ve explained before, mixing men and women in physical sports is going to be a bad idea. When it comes to physical sports, men are just better in general. That’s not a sexist statement, that’s just a realistic one.

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And to me, the point about progress is that it typically doesn’t come because everyone agreed to lie to themselves about something. Progress usually comes from hard work, hard decisions, sacrifice, and being willing to learn lessons from mistakes. Progress is not going to come because all decided that something was good when it wasn’t and that anyone who questioned it should be outcast.

That’s not progressive, that’s cultish.

Sarah Fuller did not kick the football well. She did not bring women into a new era. Vanderbilt did not do anything good for the sport of Football. It was a bad kick instigated by a man trying to use foul play to save his job.

Don’t believe anything to the contrary. It’s bad for us as a society to do so.

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