Prager U's New Video Expertly Breaks Down the Left's Bizarre View of the World


The left has a view of the world that is, for the most part, pretty bizarre. For all intents and purposes, it should be a fringe lens through which to see people but it’s become trendy in today’s western world to do so.


But while it is trendy, it can be confusing. Even to the people who see things the way they’ve been taught to by leftist pop-culture and internet mobs. Luckily, Prager U is here to really show you how the left views the world and does so in a way that’s easy to understand.

As it turns out, the left sees things in terms of three different categories, and those are power, race, and class.

In order to better explain this, Dennis Prager himself uses Israel as an example and tells you why the left despises the country despite the fact that they should love it according to their own professed belief systems.

Prager first begins by explaining the “power compass” which guides the left.

“Instead of evaluating people and nations on the basis of right and wrong or good and evil, the left evaluates them on the basis of weak and strong,” said Prager. “If you’re weak, you’re good. If you’re strong, you’re bad. Israel is strong. Therefore, it is bad. America is strong. Therefore it is bad. The Palestinians are regarded as weak. Therefore, they are good.”


Normally, we see things through a moral lens. A person who is weaker may be morally wrong and thus, we consider that person the bad guy in the situation. The left’s power compass makes them see strength as an evil period, no matter who is actually wrong in the situation.

The next compass is race, and as Prager explains, the left views skin color as good and evil, not the character of a person:

Just as it substitutes weak and strong for good and evil, the left substitutes non-white and white for good and evil. The left doesn’t judge people by their actions, but by their race. That’s why, for example, the left asserts that a black person cannot be a racist, only a white person can be a racist.

And that provides the second reason Israel is labeled evil: Israelis are considered white and Palestinians are not white. Never mind that more than half of Israel’s population is not white.

The result: the left essentially ignores Palestinian terror and loudly condemns Israel’s responses to terror.

The last compass, and likely the most significant of the three, is the left’s navigation by the “class compass.”


In the same way the left views strength as evil and weakness as good, the left views wealth as evil and poorness as good. Harkening back to Karl Marx, Prager noted that the communists taught that only the workers were good while the owners were actually bad.

The left hates America and Israel for being wealthy, especially compared to the nations they are surrounded by.

These three moral compasses form a very off-kilter world view that blinds a person to the actual moral problems the world is suffering by and instead gets them to see things in ways that will only cause more problems down the road. It forces you to ignore actual evil in order to enforce a fantasy based on ideology.

The left likes to believe that it is the true morality on the planet, but in truth, their ideology is the greatest cancer on it.



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