AOC Is Selling Anti-Rich Sweatshirts That Only Rich People Can Afford

The funny thing about socialists is that they hate the rich but rely on them for everything.

The money has to come from somewhere and since the poor don’t have it, socialists have to steal it from those who do. In the same way, New York Democrat Party sweetheart Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez needs you rich people to use your capitalist tendencies to purchase a shirt to support her socialist ones.


Apparently, AOC is selling merch. You can buy all sorts of things like a Green New Deal hat, hoodie, and yes, even posters that remind me of all communist propaganda…

…but the real star of the show is the “tax the rich” sweatshirt currently going for $65.

It’s highly unlikely that poor people are going to purchase this, mainly because the price tag is ridiculously high. You’d be better off purchasing a hoodie at Walmart and then writing it on there yourself.

In fact, the sweatshirt is so minimalist that AOC asking this much money for it seems insulting. Then again, AOC’s branding people seem to understand that branding goes a long way and slapping “AOC” on something puts more value on it and thus allows them to jack up the price.

Ah, capitalism.

Regardless, this is primarily going to be purchased by AOC’s fanbase which consists primarily of simps and people who type “YAS QUEEN” in all caps, the vast majority of whom belong to the middle class and up. It wouldn’t surprise me to see this sweatshirt donned by protesters during another march for…whatever as they hold a sign against…something during business hours.


Afterward, they will likely roll on back to their dormitory or apartment on campus at a very high-end college where they will call their parents to complain about the fact that they need more money.

It’ll be that case or a similar one. I can tell you that no self-respecting person struggling to stay afloat during Democrat enforced lockdowns is going to buy this sweatshirt for that amount of money. Why buy a sweatshirt with a three-word politically charged suggestion on it when you could buy food for your kid?

In the end, this is a socialist relying on ignorant, spoiled rich people to push a message that will lead to their destruction. Also, it’s just a socialist relying on the rich to give them money.

She makes $174,000 a year, by the way.



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