Kimberly Klacik Highlighted a Big Problem With Racism On the Left

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Baltimore’s Kimberly Klacik may have lost her bid for a House seat but it hasn’t stopped her from being a voice within the Republican party and the black community.

On Tuesday, Klacik posted a video to Twitter indicating that she was currently in Dallas and was complimenting the city’s skyline.

A Twitter user going by Phillip Bailey decided to speak up and dropped a stereotype that black Republican women all sound the same; white.

You’ve probably seen this come from the left from time to time when it comes to black people on the right. They attempt to say they’re not “black” in the real sense of the word because they talk like white people.

Klacik came back with a perfect response to this.

“My father was an executive at IBM & from Connecticut,” she tweeted. “Slang wasn’t allowed in our home. My parents had standards & expectations. I don’t sound white, I sound intelligent. That can be confusing for some.”

If she had a mic, she would have dropped it.

But this interaction brings up a very interesting question that, though it’s been asked before, I’ve never seen a leftist actually answer it.

What exactly are black people supposed to sound like?

The very fact that the left has an idea as to what the black community is supposed to sound like, what kind of dialect they’re supposed to have, or words they’re supposed to use, is a pretty strong indicator that they believe they’re somehow in charge of the black community.

It takes some serious delusion to look at an entire race of people and believe it’s okay to say they should be a certain way and that any deviation from this behavior immediately disqualifies them from being that race.

This is blatant racism and that it seems to be okay with the left tells you quite a bit about what it really believes about minority groups.

Klacik is black but the fact that she doesn’t speak like any black character you’ve seen from a Hollywood film or television series doesn’t make her any less black. She’s black no matter how she speaks. She’d still be black if her first language was Chinese and she spoke in English with a Chinese accent.

In the end, this is a blatant attempt at un-personing Klacik, or for that matter, any black individual who doesn’t agree with the leftist point of view. Don Lemon also speaks clear, articulate English but you don’t see him receiving the same criticisms. The same can be said about Barack Obama and Van Jones, yet there’s no commentary about their level of blackness.

So long as you’re using your words to express the right ideas, the left will leave your identity alone. Question them and they take it upon themselves to toss you out of your own racial group.

Remember, as Joe Biden said, if you didn’t vote for him “you ain’t black.”

You don’t say that kind of thing unless you think there is some kind of sense of ownership and as history shows, Democrats have a bad habit of thinking they own the black community. While it may look way different than it used to, the left is still of the mind that it can tell black people what to do.

You can ask Chelsea Handler about that.

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