The Re-Rise of the Sycophant Media Is Upon Us

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

When Barack Obama was president, I got increasingly tired of the press that would constantly kiss every part of his proverbial ass they could get their figurative lips on.

I’m pretty sure if they could make both items entirely literal they would have.

I couldn’t flip on television, radio, or open an internet browser without seeing something about how wonderful, wise, and (I’ve come to hate this word most of all) “historic” everything he was doing was. Did he travel abroad? It was a historic trip. Did he give a speech? It was the most historic speech. Did he blow his nose into a tissue and throw it away? That booger is historic.

Historically, Obama oversaw one of the worst recoveries in the history of America. He was making historically horrid deals with Iran that effectively made us the most malleable of paper tigers. Illegal border crime was at historic levels and the left’s historic messiah was historically putting kids in cages, which they would later blame on President Donald Trump.

Obama was, for all intents and purposes, a horrible president.

Fast forward to the Trump administration and the same press that was fawning over a man they literally would fall at the feet of to worship were zealously making an actual good president seem like Hitler incarnate.

Every little thing Trump did was demonized in some way. He didn’t have to do anything wrong and the press would do what was necessary to make it seem like whatever he did was a massive blunder. A good example is one of the most simple ones.

Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe were feeding koi fish in a pond. After scattering the food for the fish to eat, Abe tossed the rest of his food into the pond from the box. Trump followed suit and that was that.

As the press told it, however, Trump impatiently and ungraciously dumped his box into the pond while Abe looked on in surprise. The media made a big deal of it until citizens pointed out that the press was knowingly lying about what happened. The reports about it promptly stopped.

Let’s fast forward again to now.

What’s the big thing on the press’s mind about Joe Biden?

As Sister Toldja reported earlier, it’s his socks…yup, you read that right.

It’s not the first time reporters have made softball news items out of outfits. When it came to Kamala Harris, they actually got involved.

Yesterday I reported how the media’s four-year assault on the integrity of Trump helped Biden quite a bit. People who didn’t know things about Biden because the press failed to report on it were aghast that they voted for him once they were informed by other sources.

(READ: Burying Bad News for Biden)

It needs to be understood that this press is not intent on reporting accurately about Biden or Harris. Especially Harris. The word needs to get out that this mainstream media isn’t here to serve the people, it’s here to serve themselves.

The media is a business with an agenda and that agenda makes them the worst candidate for relaying the goings-on in our country and our world. We will spend four years watching a Democrat-led administration act and know next to nothing about why in any realistic sense. We will be lied to, misled, and even censored.

Believe nothing you hear about of the mainstream press. Always go elsewhere to get the facts no matter what the story is about. If aliens descend from space and firing on our cities they wouldn’t be a reliable source of information as they’d likely be trying to sugarcoat any missteps by the Biden administration in combatting the alien threat.

Liars have seized control of your television. Don’t believe them.



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