A Tale of Two States

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Once upon a time, there were two men, and one killed a bunch of elderly people during a pandemic because he was an idiot, then wrote a book about how great his leadership was. The other is Ron DeSantis and he didn’t do that.

I’d say “The End” because that should be enough, but in the interest of driving the point home, I’ll continue.

New York’s Andrew Cuomo is not a good leader. Not only did he effectively bend over to every crazed whim that the hard-left ever has, but he also spins the disaster that is his state as a prime example of good ethics, leadership, and wisdom. He’s the quintessential mob boss. He’s committing grievous acts behind the scenes while presenting himself as the community’s resident do-gooder and benefactor.

Meanwhile, his actions led to thousands of seniors dying. As the Washington Examiner’s Kaylee McGhee White wrote in May, Cuomo practically shoved elderly people into nursing homes that were ill-prepared to deal with the COVID-19 outbreak. These seniors were infected and died:

Let’s look at the facts then: According to the Associated Press, more than 5,000 New Yorkers have died in nursing homes. That’s nearly one-fifth of all U.S. nursing home and long-care facility-related deaths, and that number continues to grow by an average of 20 to 25 deaths per day.

At first, Cuomo blamed this number on the families who continued to rely on long-term care facilities: “Now is not the best time to put your mother in a nursing home,” he said last month. “That is a fact.”

When asked why the state wasn’t at least helping nursing homes prepare for outbreaks by providing necessary medical supplies, Cuomo argued that providing aid was “not our job” because nursing homes are privately owned.

This is the same Cuomo that is saying he’s going to stop Trump from distributing a COVID-19 vaccine for no other reason than it’s Trump’s plan.

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But somehow we’re supposed to believe that this man knows what he’s doing. We’re supposed to keep that fantasy going even after he tells his New York citizens that they can only have ten people in their homes during Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.

If you listen quietly you can hear the sound of people laughing at Cuomo from sea to shining sea.

Firstly, it’s questionable as to whether or not Cuomo actually has that authority. Perhaps he could pull strings with some sort of crisis-born authority but even if he did, there are a myriad of other problems, including the fact that it’s just not enforceable. Police don’t have the time or resources to go door to door and see to it that the law is being upheld all over New York.

Police have also begun coming forward and declaring that even if they receive that order they aren’t going to go around enforcing it.

“I have no intention of breaking up a Thanksgiving dinner,” Niagara County Sheriff Michael J. Filicetti said Thursday according to Buffalo News. “I’m just not going to do that.”

Let’s leave New York for a moment and head south to Florida where Governor DeSantis is passing interesting legislation. According to RedState’s own Jeff Charles, DeSantis is effectively forcing looters and rioters to weigh their crimes with their life. If looters come to loot, looters shouldn’t be surprised if the only thing they get for their troubles is a chest full of led.

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Notice the difference between the two men, and the subsequent difference between the two states.

One state, a state so infested with Democrat control that the authoritarianism has gone off the charts, is now telling people what they can and can’t do in their own homes during the holidays. It’s gripping power over the people so tightly that even those tasked with keeping the law are now rejecting upholding parts of it.

In a Republican state where authoritarianism is shrugged off, the power is being put into the hands of the people to decide what to do in many a matter. This ranges from how they want to conduct their holidays in their homes to how they want to treat those who come to damage their livelihoods up to and including death.

Which state do you think will naturally do better?

One would say that Florida is becoming anarchical and this will lead to disaster, but if one thing has been proven it’s that the more a man can choose for himself what he will and won’t do with his own property, the more peaceful things become. Criminals think twice about being criminals when faced with serious consequences from the very people they seek to prey upon.

Meanwhile, draconian actions from New York have done wonders for its crime rate, and by wonders, I mean “it’s a wonder how this state is not all the way on fire right now?” The lockdowns haven’t worked, the high taxes have caused citizens and businesses to flee, and if political figures seize any more power they might as well begin demanding they be called “your highness.”

Thing is, this isn’t really just a tale of two states, it’s a tale of red states and blue states all over. Who is shining and who is dimming. You’ll find that when it comes down to it, blue states are rotting from the inside out while red states continue to grow exponentially.


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