The Wisconsin Totals Don't Make Any Sense Either as Turnout Seems Abnormally High

Wisconsin is either breaking records or breaking the rules.

Among all the weird stories currently floating around about sudden spikes in counts and glitches that made it clear that there were actually more votes left to be counted, Wisconsin is also having some oddities of its own.


Currently, Wisconsin has an abnormally high turnout right. It’s so high that it seems a bit unbelievable. As in nearing 90 percent voter turnout unbelievable.

The Hill columnist Madison Gesiotto noticed something was amiss herself. She noted that the highest ever turnout in Wisconsin was above 73 percent. But almost an hour ago, the totals are approaching 90 percent.

Wisconsin has never seen such a turnout and the fact that it is effectively at 90 has raised some suspicions of voter fraud. While it’s true that Wisconsin does have same-day registration, it’s a bit odd to see this high of a number regardless.

At a time when oddities are happening left and right, this sudden spike in record-breaking turnout also seems a bit suspect.

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The oddity of this number isn’t going unnoticed either.


This is either a legitimate record being set or something fishy is going on, and given all that’s been going on over the past few hours, it’s more likely that it’s the latter. While there is no proof as of yet that voter fraud is happening in Wisconsin, this level of turnout isn’t at all common. In fact, it’s unheard of in every election with the exception of sham elections when dictators want to make people believe that there was a legitimate election with a very small margin of people who voted against him.

This is an election that likely won’t be settled at the ballot box. It’ll be settled in the courts.


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