Trucker Who Crossed America Posts Must-Watch Video for Trump Supporters

One Trucker may have just clued us into how this election is going to go down.

There’s a lot of anxiety in the air right now. Nobody knows who will come out on top as various news outlets are telling you that Biden has overwhelming support. Only little tidbits here and there shed any hope that Trump will come out on top.


But we’ve seen this before. The media likes to tell people stories that aren’t true all the time. They’re highly practiced at pushing narratives and have proven to be highly untrustworthy. Those same polls that told us Hillary Clinton was going to win in 2016 proved to be a load of bunk.

Looking back at 2016, the signs that Trump was going to take the win were everywhere but thanks to the media outright refusing to believe they were true, many in America had a hard time seeing them.

Everywhere that Trump went crowds surged to see him. The enthusiasm for him was off the charts as people attended his rallies by the thousands. Meanwhile, Clinton could hardly get more than a few hundred at her rallies.

Are we looking at the same thing in 2020.

Chances are good. While Trump is definitely attracting enthusiastic crowds, not everyone is going to attend a rally. Perhaps due to COVID-19, many are staying home, especially Democrats, which is why Biden’s rallies have looked so sparse and pathetic. In the neighborhoods across America, is the enthusiasm for Trump present?

A trucker might have the answer.

A TikTok user named Kenny Bias said that a run he made took him from Michigan to California and that it didn’t matter where he was, the signs and the people all pointed toward Trump support.

“I just made a run, folks, from Michigan to Eureka, California,” said Bias. “It didn’t matter where I went. Through the desert plains, through the midwest, over the Rockies, through the Sierra Nevadas, all the way to the Pacific oceans.”


“It wasn’t Joe Biden signs in the yards, it was Trump signs, Trump signs, American flags,” he continued,” it was people like you and me everywhere, at the factory, in California that surrounded me because I had a Trump hat on and were proud to be Americans but were tired of the dirty politicians that are crooked and corrupt.”

He finished with a “Trump 2020.”

While it’s true that one trucker’s journey isn’t going to be something to fully rely on in terms of prediction, it does offer some insight. This man traveled across America from east to west and saw a sea of Trump support wherever he went, including California.

No matter where he went, the groundswell was there.

In not too long from now, we’ll know if that Trump support this trucker saw will actually lead to a Trump victory, but something tells me it will.


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