Philadelphia Democrats Caught Conducting Illegal Activity At Polling Locations

Gary Feldman

The fact that Democrats were going to pull something shady when it came to election interference was pretty much a given, and now thanks to the fact that everyone is a walking, talking recording device, we can see it happening on Twitter.


A few instances of Democrat election night shenanigans have been posted here and there. Here are some of them.

A poll watcher in Philidelphia was stopped from entering a polling place. Will Chamberlain posted the video along with the certificate that allows the poll watcher access to any polling location in the city. Regardless, it would appear that these two individuals would not allow him entry.

Also in Philidelphia, a Democratic committeewoman wearing a Biden mask is also denying entry for Republican poll watchers. When someone says they should be allowed inside, she said “that rule ain’t worth being followed.”

According to the Philly GOP, this isn’t the only place this is happening.


Also in Philadelphia, reports that voters are being given these flyers at the door at the polling place at the William Ziegler elementary school which is not where people handing these out are supposed to be.

This is also happening in other locations as well.

According to KHOU, the GOP poll watchers were turned away due to an “honest mistake,” or so city officials explained:

The situation arose from a misunderstanding, Kevin Feeley, media representative for the Philadelphia City Commissioners, explained to VERIFY.


According to Feeley, the poll watcher had the correct certificate that would allow him to enter the site, but the election judge didn’t let him inside because the ward division number didn’t match that of the voting site.

“It was an inadvertent and honest mistake,” Feeley said.
Feeley explained that regardless of the number on the certificate, the poll watcher was entitled to enter other voting sites in the jurisdiction.

After the incident, the rules were clarified for the election judge, but the poll watcher had moved on to another site.

This would be far more believable if the Democrat official declared that the poll watcher being given access wasn’t a rule worth following.

Pennsylvania is a state worth 20 electoral votes with Philidelphia being its largest city. The state is thought by many to be the key to winning the election for either candidate and it’s no surprise that Democrats are doing what they can to turn the state to their favor, even if it’s illegally.



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