UK Equalities Minister Kemi Badenoch's Comments About Black Lives Matter are Some American Politicians Needs to Hear

Black Lives Matter is the largest political party in the United States and has so much influence that many politicians are afraid to call it out by name when addressing the grievances caused by it. Across the pond, some of the United Kingdom’s politicians don’t seem to have that hangup and one, in particular, is the Equalities Minister Kemi Badenoch.

American politicians should take note. Badenoch took to the floor of Parliament and began addressing a serious problem concerning the Black Lives Matter organization when it comes to the nation’s schools. Suggestions have been thrown around that the UK school curriculum needed to be “decolonized” after BLM protests reached a height in the UK this year.

“What we are against is the teaching of contested political ideas as if they are accepted fact,” said Badenoch. “We don’t do this for communism, we don’t do this for socialism, we don’t do this with capitalism.”

“And I want to speak about a dangerous trend in race relations that has come far too close to home in my life,” Badenoch continued. “And it’s the promotion of critical race theory, an ideology that sees my blackness as victimhood and their whiteness as oppression.”

“I want to be absolutely clear. This government stands unequivocally against critical race theory,” said Badenoch.

The Equalities Minister continued by making it clear that critical race theory is being taught in schools in an illegal fashion by teachers that are not only honor-bound but legally bound, to be politically impartial in the classroom. She makes it clear that, of course, black lives do matter, but that the Black Lives Matter organization is not an equality movement but a political one.

She describes a story that reinforces this fact.

“I know this because at the height of the protest, I’ve been told of white Black Lives Matter protesters calling – and I apologize for saying this word – calling a black armed police officer guarding Downing Street a ‘pet n*****’,” said Badenoch.

“That is why we do not endorse that movement on this side of the house,” said Badenoch.

Badenoch, a Torie, mentioned that it would be nice if the other side of the house would condemn actions from the Black Lives Matter movement like that instead of pretending it’s an entirely wholesome movement.Β She ended by saying that any teacher teaching the Black Lives Matter philosophy without also teaching the opposing views is breaking the law.

“And let me be clear, any school which teaches these elements of political race theory as fact, or which promotes partisan political views such as defunding the police without offering a balanced treatment of opposing views, is breaking the law.”

The UK recognizes what too many in America either can’t or refuse to see about the Black Lives Matter organization. There is a massive difference between believing that black lives matter and supporting the Black Lives Matter brand. One is an all-American belief that all men are created equal regardless of their birth, race, sex, etc.

I explain more in the video below.

The other is a Marxist organization bent on collapsing the current American system and replacing it with one more socialistic. It’s not an equality movement and you can witness this by the way black people who do not sign onto the movement are treated. Like in the UK, black police officers in America are screamed at, insulted, and called “traitors.”

A lot of American politicians need to catch up to those in the UK and recognize BLM for what it really is.

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