The Same Cowardice of Silicon Valley Is Widespread Across Society

Mandel Ngan/Pool via AP

The cowardice of American businesses will result in horrible things.

Earlier this evening I posted an article reporting on the fact that Instagram, the social media entity that likely causes more self-doubt and emotional stress than any other on the planet, allowed the depiction of racial violence from one account.

The drawing was of two fat nude black women holding the bloodied and severed heads of two white people.

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As I said in the article, I bet it’s easy to guess what would happen if the roles were reversed and it was two fat naked white women holding onto the severed heads of two black people. The tirades would be endless, Instagram would have acted immediately to not only take down the post but ban the user who posted it for life. If Instagram is lucky, this won’t turn into a mob focused event where the media would then be forced to get involved.

But it’s not that way and as a result, Instagram isn’t moving quickly to do anything. In fact, it isn’t moving at all. Complaints have been lodged and posts have been reported and Instagram has responded with “it’s just different expression than you’re used to.”

No. No, we’re pretty used to it. This kind of “expression” has been pretty common throughout history and it’s usually a kind of art or depiction that represents how one group feels about another. In this case, this is straight-up a promotion of violence against white people, which in our day and age, is pretty common.

It should be taken down immediately, but it won’t be. Despite the fact that it’s clearly a promotion of racial violence it will go untouched until such a time when the outrage becomes too overwhelming or various activist groups get involved and begin threatening legal consequences.

It’s possible that there are many on Instagram and Facebook who agree with this kind of depiction. It is rife with social justice advocates, after all, and they have no problem with violence against certain groups or people if they disagree remotely with their opinions.

However, I don’t think it’s that. Not entirely, at least.

I’m pretty sure that a lot of the reason they are refusing to enforce the rules they enforce on everyone else is that they’re scared. They’re scared that if they begin deleting these modes of “expression” then they themselves will be accused of racism.

For those in Silicon Valley, that’s a horrific thought. They’ve lived their entire lives being the people who condemn racism at every turn and kissing as much social justice ass as humanly possible that their lips are numb. Being labeled as “racist” at this point would be the end of their careers and social life. It can’t happen.

So they do what they can to avoid being even remotely looked at as questionable in the eyes of the SJW. They would rather avoid the consequences of the mob than do the right thing.

It’s cowardice. Pure and simple.

Sadly, however, this cowardice has expanded on out to the rest of the country as well. Very few businesses react in brave ways when confronted with the social justice mob. When it arrives at their doorstep they immediately cave and admit guilt. They promise to change. This is usually followed by waves of firings and resignations.

If a person found an infection in their skin and instead of immediately seeking medicine to cure it, proceeded to do everything to grow the infection and push it deeper into the body, it would be the exact same thing many businesses are doing now. They allow the infection to spread and soon the disease affects others.

The caving to the social justice community has created an environment where innocuous ideas are suddenly considered dangerous and where factual statements are considered violence. Our society has so much social pressure on it that many are afraid to speak common sense without first prefacing it with reassurances that they’re not an “ist” or a “phobe” of some kind.

Meanwhile, those who have become the sacred cows that we can’t speak ill of in any form or fashion are free to share their open hatreds and calls for violence without hardly a peep out of the cowardly businesses in America.

If there’s one thing that’s for sure, it’s that this open allowance of one bubbled narrative to thrive to the point of calls for violence will result in violence and, in many situations, already has. While there are a myriad of things to blame for it, cowardly businesses can consider themselves among them.