Tucker Carlson Perfectly Explained Why Tech Companies Should Be Broken up Back in 2018

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Tucker Carlson, host of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” poses for photos in a Fox News Channel studio, in New York, Thursday, March 2, 2017. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)


A resurfaced video of Fox News host Tucker Carlson has been circulating around Twitter that shows him on CSPAN discussing big tech. Though the clip comes from two years ago, it has as much bearing now as it ever did, as the American right confronts the big tech monopoly that is currently censoring and manipulating the election.

The right holds that government should keep its hands off of the private sector but lately has found the line it’s willing to draw, especially after yesterday when Twitter not only censored the New York Post after it released information about Hunter Biden and his dealings with Burisma, but it also suspended White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany and Trump’s main campaign account.

The clip shows Carlson talking to Matt Schlapp of the American Conservative Union (ACU) about putting more scrutiny onto big tech companies. Carlson blew right past that and upped the ante.

“I wouldn’t say scrutinize it, I would say break up the companies immediately and start putting people on trial,” said Carlson.

Schlapp made the point that they’re essentially monopolies, and Carlson confirmed that Google effectively had a monopoly on internet searches, and combined with the hoarding of our personal information, make for an incredibly dangerous set of tech giants that have almost no limitations on what they can do.

Carlson even made the point that these tech companies aren’t even American companies.

“They’re not even American companies,” said Carlson. “These are multinationals who are owned…a lot of them are owned by sovereign wealth funds of nations that hate us. So these are foreign entities in our midst, literally, they’re not American in any recognizable sense and yet they have almost total control almost all human information in English.”


“So why are they not a threat to Democracy?” asked Carlson. “Obviously, they are.”

Carlson made the call to conservatives who are opposed to this kind of outside manipulation and perversion of the free market.

“Where are all these conservatives who are supposed to be protecting normal people?” asked Carlson.

He made the case that many on the right have made the argument that market interference isn’t something they stand for, and thus stand in the way of anything being done about this tech takeover.

“If you just throw ‘free-market’ at a conservative, it’s like kryptonite to Super Man,” said Carlson.

Many on the right have been on the fence about breaking up big tech companies, in an effort to stick to their principles. But Carlson does have a point. A monopoly isn’t a free-market, but a perversion of it, and currently companies like Twitter and Facebook are utilizing their monopoly, in order to suppress and censor without any consequences whatsoever.

In an effort to keep this manipulation going, many on the left have resorted to reminding right-leaning Americans of their own principles and mocking them about suddenly becoming hard-left communists who want to control private business.


As Carlson points out, if the right is the party that supports free-market enterprise and protects the people, then breaking up this obvious corruption of the tech industry, an industry that has gone to great lengths to protect itself and continue its growth unopposed, then the right should firmly plant itself in the camp of breaking these companies up.

Big tech is still a relatively new concept in the grand scheme of American history and we’re still just learning how to deal with its presence on the world stage. In just a few short years, our lives have begun almost revolving around the tech industry. In order to stop the corruption from spreading and allowing our free markets to continue to be free, then big tech must face the scalpel.


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