We're Seeing the Unhealthy Nature of Comfort in Our First World Society

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I don’t know how many times I’ve watched people on the news, mainstream culture, or more freak out about something and either inwardly or outwardly expressed that it was “stupid.” I’m willing to bet we’ve all used colorful language to describe some of the nonsense our culture makes important to some degree.

I often get to wondering if this level of concern for something that I can best describe as “silly” would be a thing if our concerns were primarily revolving around whether or not we were going to eat that day and if we were going to die while attempting to get the necessary food.

The surge in things like transgenderism, radical feminism, and especially Marxism is a clear sign that we as a culture have gotten so comfortable that we’ve begun creating crises out of thin air. We paint an entire sex as evil, begin saying men can be women, and even go to war over a system that has helped more people out of poverty than any system before it by lightyears.

There’s a saying that hard times create strong men and that strong men create good times. The saying, however, continues with “good times create weak men, and those weak men create hard times.”

We’re currently experiencing this.

Flip on your television and you may see things that boggle the mind. Earlier today, I wrote an article about a BBC panelist that talked openly of killing white people as the rest of the panel, including white panelists, laughed.

(READ: BBC Panel Guest Openly Talks About Killing White People as Panel Laughs)

Last week, a Twitter mob attempted to ruin the life and career of Mandalorian actress Gina Carano for simply not caving to the demands of the social justice mob to put her pronouns in her bio.

Major corporations are constantly attempting to look “woke,” primarily for audiences that hardly take part in buying their product anyway.

Take a step back and look at it all from a perspective of importance. If you were faced with life or death, a very real food shortage, and the only way to survive would be to prioritize your life through the work you do, how much time do you think would be left over for biological denial or a system that would see you subjugated by a cold and uncaring government whose oligarchical rule is only concerned with the health and well-being of those who run it?

If we did live in that world then those who create mountains out of molehills would die off by the thousands as their existence solely depended on strong men providing their protection for them.

Oddly enough, their comfort is provided by people whom they profess to hate.

I have no desire to see our civilization slip back into a place where you survive, not thrive. I would rather our first-world lifestyle continue with all the abundance and comfort it provides. The commerce we’ve created and the healthy environment that we raise our children in safety in is a good thing.

However it’s clear that looking at our mainstream culture today, we’ve fallen into a lazy kind of living where we take for granted things that many other countries would still consider miraculous. We’ve seen more human rights advancement than we could have imagined in previous attempts at civilization and yet, so many hate the country that provides it.

We’ve completely lost sight of reality.

I’m not sure how to get this value back with the exception of one thing. A return to the study and worship of God’s word. We joke that we daily fall further from God’s grace but the sad reality is that the drift away from him has been a gradual acceptance of stupidity, shallowness, and even straight-up evil.

I mean, as I write this, movers and shakers in our mainstream culture are trying to normalize pedophilia. Twenty years ago, this would have had a united western culture cheering as we threw these people in jail.

I don’t want to say that we need to go back to a different time. There is no going back to a different time and some of the things we know now we would have done well to know then. Also, it’s not the same world we lived in 20 years ago. So much has changed in how we live our lives that it’s hardly recognizable.

What I propose is a move forward toward God. That the real “progressive” is the one who aims toward bringing our society towards what works. Clearly God works and distancing ourselves from Him doesn’t. So let’s aim for progress.


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