If the Media Is Wondering Why People Overwhelmingly Don't Trust It, Here's Why

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CNN Builds Wall

The media is one of the most distrusted entities in the western world and they’re demonstrating why constantly.

According to a Gallup poll, 84 percent of Americans believe that the media is causing the divisiveness in America today. CNN is one of the biggest offenders in the stirring up of partisanship, division, and violent riots, and yet they still have a black hole where their self-awareness should be and it’s sucking in all the common sense at the network. So much so that they’re asking Democrats if all the chaos you see is Russia’s fault.

As my colleague Nick Arama wrote, in one of the most stunning moments of bias I have ever seen, CNN was interviewing Rep. Adam Schiff when the conversation turned toward the unmitigated disaster that is Portland, Oregon.

The question started off as if CNN was really going to start trying to get answers from Democrats. CNN anchor Dana Bash told Schiff she was going to ask about the situation in Portland and describe the mayhem going down. Then it took a very sudden left turn.

“Do you have any reason to believe that Russia is trying to fuel some of the civil unrest in these cities via social media or other methods?” asked Bash.

It’s been covered ad nauseam, including here at RedState, how the media has stoked the fires of division and is primarily responsible for the chaos you see around you know. CNN is famous for standing in front of burning buildings and saying that the riots are “peaceful.” Just today they released an article from Chris Cillizza trying to cast Trump as a liar from calling all these events “riots.”

If you don’t believe the proof in front of your face, I’d also like to remind you that much of the mayhem and destruction you see has been proven to be caused by the media according to studies by Harvard professors.

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CNN’s guilt cannot be denied and yet here they are, trying to blame their work and the Democrats’ actions…on Baba Yaga. The great bogeyman CNN and the rest of the leftist media tell their viewers about when they want them to stay asleep and blind to very obvious facts.

None of these things would be happening right now if the media wasn’t taking events and blowing them up until people believe that there’s a very real racist pandemic. Antifa wouldn’t have the numbers and power it does if the media and the Democrats weren’t constantly running narrative cover for them.

It was just last week that CNN was caught changing its chyron about “violent protests” to just “protests” in an effort to protect the reputation of the very people destroying our cities and executing Trump supporters in the streets.

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All of these things happening are decisions made by leftists for leftist reasons. CNN can try to point to others all they want to but at the end of the day, it’s pretty obvious who is to blame, and it’s not Trump or Russia, not white supremacists or Loki the Norse god of mischief.

It’s CNN, the mainstream media, and Democrats. End of story.

I don’t expect the media, especially CNN, to become an unbiased entity with a focus on service to its countrymen overnight. In fact, I don’t expect to happen ever. What I would appreciate is if media figures would just be more honest about it. Carlson and Hannity don’t tell you they’re on nobody’s side. They’re open and honest about who and what they support and where their ideological camp is located.

Meanwhile, CNN anchors like to tell you that they’re all truthful centrists and don’t have a biased bone in their body. Of all the lies I listed in this article, that one is the biggest.



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