White BLM Counter-Protester Gets Thoroughly Educated by a Black Woman Who Isn't Having It

BLM protester gets schooled, SCREENSHOT from video included in article

BLM protester gets schooled

When Black Lives Matter is forced to listen, people learn.

BLM protesters can come in all shapes and sizes but if you look at the makeup, it’s mostly white kids who have become useful idiots for people with political agendas. Perhaps not surprisingly, many of these white kids end up speaking for the black community about what they want and need, and often dismiss any black voice that says otherwise.


Sometimes they dismiss it violently.

But it’s hard to dismiss a black voice when that voice is in your face dosing you with reality in a place where you and your compatriots can’t shout them down with lazy chants. When you come to a territory where ideas can be discussed, you’re going to get taught some things.

That’s what happened to one white BLM protester who had a run-in with Shemeka Michelle during a #WalkAway rally. The BLM protester decided to show up as a way to counter-protest but found himself outnumbered, and more importantly, out reasoned.

Michelle laid into the kid without holding back.

“I don’t need you to tell me my life matters,” Michelle says to the kid. “I don’t need your privilege to tell me or to justify who I am in America. This is my country. This is my land. My ancestors built this country, so I’m gonna walk around here as bold as I want to.”

“And I don’t have to have you to cosign and tell me my life matters,” she continued. “That right there insinuates that your voice is bigger and better than mine.”

Michelle continued by attacking the narrative that the patriarchy rules the roost and constantly elevates black females above everyone else.

“You are supporting an organization that does not like black men,” Michelle claimed. “And as a black woman, I can tell you how important black men are to the black family; without them we are nothing. So when you support and organization that doesn’t push them up the way we need them to be, you ain’t s***.”


Michelle also laid into the BLM youth for the organization’s complete dismissal of the black abortion rate, which is just more black lives that don’t seem to matter to Black Lives Matter.

“We kill more black babies than are born every year,” Michelle said. “You said ‘Black Lives Matter’; what about black lives in the womb? They don’t matter? They don’t matter? So how are you pushing an organization that doesn’t care?”

“They don’t talk about fathers,” she added.

Many BLM protesters have been misled into believing that Black Lives Matter speaks for all of the black community but that couldn’t be more false.

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Polls show that the black community often defies what BLM claims it wants, such as police presence in their neighborhoods or that they believe that “all lives matter” more than they believe that solely “black lives matter.”

This information isn’t largely known because the media won’t talk about it, and these white kids are often led to believe that they’re doing the right thing by speaking on behalf of the black community through the urging of an organization that claims it speaks for the black community.


It’s very rare that these kids are actually exposed to a different set of beliefs and hearing Michelle talk may have been the first time they’ve ever seen anyone with a black skin color gives them a strong dose of reality.

Black Lives Matter and the media would prefer that videos like this don’t make the rounds and that people like Michelle stay in the shadows. She’s too dangerous to their narrative, and their narrative is one of the few things that actually matter to Black Lives Matter.


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