Seeking Redemption After Being Canceled? The Church of Woke Offers You a Fake Path to Penance

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Demonstrators pause to kneel as they march to protest the death of George Floyd, Tuesday, June 2, 2020, in Washington. Floyd died after being restrained by Minneapolis police officers. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

If you’ve been canceled by the mob then you’re probably wondering what you’re going to do next. Don’t worry, the church of woke has your path to penance as described by Hamilton star Phillipa Soo.

“Cancel culture: If you are “cancelled” but do not wish to be, you must WORK to EARN back people’s respect by owning up to the thing that canceled you in the first place, LISTENING to others, EDUCATING yourself, and ADVOCATING on behalf of the people that you have offended/harmed,” tweeted Soo.

Firstly, I want to point out something obvious. The mob doesn’t care about apologies and they couldn’t care less about your penance. Once you’re canceled, that’s it. You’re a pariah for the rest of your life. Even if you work to rebuild yourself up in the way that the mob believes you should, step one toe out of line and your past sins will be brought up again as an example of what kind of person you are.

What Soo is offering is a trap. Even if she absolutely did believe this herself, the mob that she is speaking for is unforgiving. The entire reason for its existence is destruction. It doesn’t have the capacity to fix or forgive. The mob is and always has been an entity comprised of anger, hatred, and malicious purpose. It cannot, by its nature, forgive.


What’s more, the mob is usually very, very wrong in its assault of a group or individual. The mob doesn’t concern itself with facts and doesn’t care about nuance. They are sharks who smelled blood.

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It should bother everyone that there are those out there that believe the mob’s behavior is anything close to acceptable. People shouldn’t have to work their way back up for anything because the mob shouldn’t’ be tearing them down at all, to begin with. It’s a bunch of strangers bullying someone they don’t know for something they weren’t affected by.

All in all, to demand that one must pay penance is the height of self-importance. You’re are effectively putting yourself and your ideals above everyone else. According to you, you’re in charge and it’s up to you to force everyone else into believing what you believe. They must be torn down and demolished in front of everyone. Their dignity stripped from them and their character marred for all time because you disagreed with what they believe or say. Then, in your self-righteousness, you demand that they conform in order to get back in your good graces.

Let’s say penance actually did work and the mob was capable of forgiveness. Why would anyone ever want to bend the knee to someone else’s ideology outside of fear? Why would anyone seek forgiveness and acceptance from a group of people who consider themselves society’s betters to the point where they think it’s their place to punish others for their wrong-think?


And what’s the point of penance if it’s only done out of fear? What kind of character change can be taken seriously if it’s done only because they’re afraid of further punishment? In the Christian religion, asking forgiveness from the Father is always answered with forgiveness. Because of Christ’s death, the Christian who has turned his life over to Christ asks forgiveness out of the need to clear a guilty conscience because he or she had wronged someone who loves them unconditionally.

In Christianity, forgiveness is guaranteed and actually means something. It’s honest. In terms of the mob, there is no forgiveness and all motions toward looking for redemption are just capitulation to make the beatings stop.

They won’t anyway.

The only real course in order to placate the mob is to show them that you’re stronger than them. Don’t ever cave. Never apologize. Never never give them an inch because you will end up giving a mile. Remember that the mob is your enemy no matter what.


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