The Silence On David Dorn Is Deafening

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A photograph of retired St. Louis police captain David Dorn who was shot and killed while guarding a pawn shop from a looter on Tuesday, is displayed behind White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany as she speaks during a briefing at the White House, Wednesday, June 3, 2020, in Washington. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

Last night I watched a video of 77-year-0ld retired police captain David Dorn bleeding out on a sidewalk after having been shot by looters over a television. Dorn was defending a pawn shop, and despite being a man who served and protected his community for years, he was shot down in cold blood over used electronics.

He takes his last breaths as the man filming swaps between trying to get Dorn to stay with him and chastising the looters for his murder.

(Horrible: Retired Police Captain Murdered by Looters Defending Store, Filmed on Facebook Live)

In the midst of the Black Lives Matter protests and concern for murdered black people, the mainstream media has done what it usually does when a black man is murdered by another black person, they ignore it. According to Newsbusters, the major mainstream networks that have focused on protesters being teargassed for days have been starkly silent on Dorn’s murder:

The big three networks continued to gaslight Americans by insisting that protests and riots across the country were “mostly peaceful” while cities burn, policemen are attacked and both officers and bystanders are assaulted and in some cases, murdered. Another one of these tragic cases happened Tuesday as 77-year-old retired police captain David Dorn was murdered by looters who shot him in cold blood so they could steal televisions. His murder was allegedly live streamed on Facebook. ABC and CBS only spent seconds on his death while NBC completely ignored the senseless murder. Instead, all three networks repeated how “peaceful” the protests were forty-two times this morning alone.

On ABC’s Good Morning America, Dorn’s death was mentioned at the tail end of a segment about protesters “demanding answers,” while ABC touted incidents where officers used force or tear gas against protesters. As correspondent T.J. Holmes then brought up incidents where protesters attempted to kill police officers, the chyron on screen changed from “demand for answers” to the milder “Officers caught in the crosshairs.”


Newsbusters adds that ABC decided that police officers tased people was a lot more newsworthy for some reason:

The network spent more time today, just as ABC did yesterday, talking to two Atlanta teens who were tased in their car by police for breaking curfew last Saturday. Those police officers were fired. However, a man’s senseless death received little attention. CBS was adamant about how “peaceful” the protests were, mentioning it twelve times.

But there was not a peep on NBC’s Today Show about Dorn’s murder. Even President Trump tweeted about him. Did his life not matter?

Allow me to answer that for Newsbusters.

No. No it’s not.

The mainstream media is in no way in the business of actually caring about human life. They would much rather run defense for rioters and groups like Antifa than actually report the entire story. Why would they? They have a vested interest in these riots going on for as long as possible as it draws endless eyeballs and clicks.

Why would they invite outrage about the senseless death of a retired black police officer by rioters when they can continue to call the rioters “peaceful” as they destroy, loot, and even kill, then foment outrage from viewers when police act to stop them?

Dorn deserved better than this. Far better. We deserve far better than the media. Far better.

I want to highlight this so that the point gets across that the media is not your friend. They aren’t a public service, they are a business, and they’re in the business of making you watch. If that means they have to exacerbate the current sensational thing, then so be it. They don’t care who it hurts or how much it lowers their integrity.




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