A Texas Judge Tries to Tell Texans to Snitch on Businesses Over Capacity or That Shouldn't Be Open, Texans Respond

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Vehicles merge onto I-10 Sunday, March 29, 2020, in Orange, Texas, near the Louisiana border. The state is ratcheting up restrictions on neighboring Louisiana, one of the growing hot spots for coronavirus in the U.S. Just two days after Texas began requiring airline passengers from New Orleans to comply with a two-week quarantine, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said state troopers will now also patrol highway entry points at the Louisiana border. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)

Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo is so into making sure the rules are followed that she’s requested that you become a snitch and openly report on businesses that are open when they shouldn’t be or over capacity, directly violating the rules set forth by the state.

“See a restaurant at full capacity? Businesses open that shouldn’t be? Help us save lives. If you see violations of Governor Abbott’s order, please report them at: bit.ly/Covidform1,” tweeted Hidalgo.

Thing is, even if it is an order by Governor Greg Abbott, many people in Texas don’t seem to be willing to snitch on their fellow Texans and community business owners. Judging by the responses Hidalgo received, both Texans and those watching from outside of the state gave her a resounding “no.” Possibly even a “hell no.”



Asking other people to snitch for you is the fast lane to turning the populace against you, especially here in America. Bucking authority is in our blood and what’s more, asking us to live in consistent fear of something that we can see isn’t the world-ending virus we thought it was will only make those look at you with disgust.

Furthermore, this isn’t a totalitarian state. While there are doubtless people out there who are bitter enough to be the state’s goons, we’re still a country that cherishes freedom. That means that asking people to violate their own ingrained principles in the name of “safety” is definitely going to earn you a few enemies.


Benjamin Franklin was very clear about what happens to people who sacrifice their freedom for safety, and it’s not advice we’re soon going to forget.

Well…most of us anyway.


If I do see a business that is over capacity or shouldn’t be open but is, I’m personally not going to say a word. In all honesty, I hope doing so helps them stay open in the long run and continues to provide jobs and services for years to come. Lord knows we need it now more than ever.



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