Never Let a Crisis Go to Waste: Watch Democrats Openly Advocate for Using Virus to Usher in a Socialist Utopia

In this Friday, March 27, 2020 photo provided by Office of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo Gov. Andrew Cuomo, briefs the media inside a nearly completed makeshift hospital at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York. Cuomo said the state wants to build four more temporary hospitals in New York City within weeks, before coronavirus cases are projected to peak. (Darren McGee/Office of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo via AP)


Democrats will never waste an opportunity to swoop in when you’re at your lowest and take advantage of the situation to push an agenda. The “never let a crisis go to waste” motto is on page one of the Democrat party playbook, so it shouldn’t surprise you that Democrats are gleefully talking about social engineering and restructuring the nation while we’re suffering from a pandemic.

Everyone from New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is ready and raring, not to get the economy back up and running and get people back to their jobs, but to invest in tried and failed ventures like the green energy market and adjusting Medicare so it’s even more burdened.

I could tell you about it, or I could just show you.

Grabien founder Tom Elliot put together a supercut of Democrats, each talking about how they’re going to take this opportunity to push the party’s agenda forward under the guise that they’re making things better. This includes throwing in a couple of Green New Deal agenda points.


As I’ve written many, many…many times here on RedState, Democrats aren’t so much concerned with the people as they are their plans. They, like many on the left, have been seduced by the idea of Utopia and the false promise that humans can be at their best if they just follow the rules these leaders implement for them.

The problem is that humans are fallible and each one of us is more different from the last. Utopia is perfection, and as fallible creatures, this is not achievable by our hands. Conservatives tend to understand this point and that all we can do is the best we can. We’ve found through trial and error that the best we can do revolves around the idea of freedom, be it in our markets or in our general lives.

Democrats either can’t or won’t see this and as a result, believe that if the right agenda (theirs) is passed then humanity will be on the right track. This is stupid. Forcing green energy on the world won’t make the planet healthier, it’ll just slow down progress into technologies that actually would help. The current state of green energy is highly damaging to the planet itself, disrupting and killing wildlife and plantlife in droves.


(READ: An Environmentalist’s Blistering Article Against Renewable Energy Wrecks AOC’s Green New Deal)

What’s more, the socialist healthcare systems that the Democrats are constantly pushing for are deadly messes that cost more money for lower grades of healthcare.

The information is there. Results aren’t hard to come by. So why do the Democrats push for it?

It almost makes you wonder if what Democrats are seeking isn’t Utopia, but being able to feel good about themselves for pushing something that they have a good feeling about.

Either way, they aren’t concerned with you. Vote accordingly.


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