Sweet, Sweet Salt

Hey, I thought it would be fun to compile a list of freakouts from the left because, let’s face it, as sad as they are, they’re pretty hysterical.

As Trump continues to commit the high crime of being a legitimate president elected by the people over Hillary Clinton in 2016, the hysterics and meltdowns continue to get more and more dramatic. There is something about the social justice obsessed not getting their way that causes them to lose all sense of control.

I can’t imagine a different point in history where if we someone screaming at the top of their lungs out of pure hysterics because they found something they didn’t agree with, we’d have them locked up for their own safety. However, in this day and age, it’s kind of become pretty common. In fact, internet goers click madly to see the latest public freakout and share it with their friends. Some of them even become memes.

We humans do love our train wrecks.

Let’s start with the latest one and then work our way back.

Btw, this happens a lot, so if I miss one of your favorite freakout moments, leave it in the comments.

My colleague Nick Arama posted this one earlier today. A student at Arizona State was none too happy about Trump’s acquittal. Instead of calmly voicing his dissent or putting up an argument as to why he believes the Senate was wrong to do that, our hero devolved into shrill screams about slashing the throats of Republicans.

What a scholar.

Our next one is a little less violent but just as crazy. In fact, this entire scene was a bit off the nutty chart. As the video shows, a couple of leftists came across a group of pro-Trump MAGA hat-wearing conservatives, one of which was a drag queen. Instead of engaging in debate, or even screaming something coherent, our balding leading lady just…kinda…screamed.

Screaming incoherently isn’t necessarily an uncommon thing. In fact, some of the best meltdowns are just screaming to scream, just like these two women.

And who can forget the all-time classic moment when Pat screams into the sky as Trump is inaugurated.

Leftists loved the idea of screaming helplessly into the sky over Trump so much that they made it a national celebration at one point. In fact, they literally called it “scream helplessly into the sky” day.

But even when they aren’t screaming incoherently, they’re still screaming. Here’s a guy just attempting to buy vape juice and screamed at in the process.

Sometimes you get more than just yelled at. For some, the rage is so deep that you get assaulted.

Don’t think for a second that us common folk are the only people melting down over Trump. The rich coastal are also doing their fair share of weirdness. For instance, here’s Miley Cyrus devolving into tears because of Trump’s election.

Ratio enthusiast Alyssa Milano also cried crocodile tears over something Orange Man did.

It doesn’t necessarily have to happen in video form either. Here’s Brett Midler going nuts with an all-caps meltdown because of a Trump tweet.

Hilariously, this is the party that wants us to take them seriously when it comes to various issues like climate change, transgenderism, healthcare, and more.

I’m afraid I’m going to have to check “no.”



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