Ted Cruz Gives Seth Myers a Reality Check After Meyers Tries and Fails to Slam GOP On Its Diversity

Once again, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz proved why he’s the champion of Twitter slams after Late Night show host Seth Meyers tried to slam the GOP on its lack of diversity.


On Thursday night, Meyers was once again going on an anti-Trump rant when he attacked Trump over a recent tweet of his saying that the GOP cares about everyone, regardless of race, religion, etc.

Meyers’ team turned a piece of the host’s monologue from Thursday into a meme and posted it to Twitter.

“The GOP fights for everyone?” said the tweet with a “crying laughing” emoji next to it.

Accompanying it was the meme.

“President Trump praised the Republican Party in a tweet and said it fights for ‘citizens from every background, and from every, race, religion, color and creed,’” the top of the meme reads.

“And after he tweeted that, even his Twitter avatar couldn’t keep a straight face,” read the bottom.

It was all fun and games until Cruz swept in with a reality check.

“Seth, why is your party’s pres stage all-white? Only 78-yr-old socialists need apply?” tweeted Cruz. 

“The GOP debate stage was quite different. Why has no Hispanic won even a single primary state in the history of Dem party? (In 2016, Marco won 1 & I won 12–a fact MSM ignores.)” he continued. 


The slam was so effective that in terms of sharability, Seth Meyer’s meme sits at only 62 retweets and 317 likes as of this writing. Meanwhile, Cruz’s comeback has 4.5k tweets and 15.2k likes. Normally, this kind of metric isn’t something I pay too much attention to, but I’d like to point out that this a program on late-night television, on a major network. It was shrugged off by Twitter users for the most part, while Cruz’s tweet is being shared constantly.

It may be a small thing, but it’s another signal to Democrats that their message bearers aren’t having the effect they used to.


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