Biden Says AOC Won't be His Party's Future, and We Should Pray He's Right

Former Vice President Joe Biden mimics shooting a gun as he speaks at the Chuck Hagel Forum in Global Leadership, on the campus of the University of Nebraska-Omaha, in Omaha, Neb., Thursday, Feb. 28, 2019. (AP Photo/Nati Harnik)

Former Vice President Joe Biden mimics shooting a gun as he speaks at the Chuck Hagel Forum in Global Leadership, on the campus of the University of Nebraska-Omaha, in Omaha, Neb., Thursday, Feb. 28, 2019. (AP Photo/Nati Harnik)

I’d say Democrats are at a crossroads, but I’m not even sure that’s accurate. I’d say that they come to said crossroads back in 2016, and the path they chose was best summed up by Sen. Elizabeth Warren when she declared that the reason they lost was that they weren’t radical enough.

Apparently, the Democrat party took that to heart. Thinking President Donald Trump was an extremist, they opened the doors to their own extremism in an attempt to bring balance and in walked some of the most radical people the mainstream Democrats have ever counted among them. The most popular one, of course, was Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Months ago, if you were to ask the Democrat party what AOC meant to them, they would have told you that she was definitely the future for them. She was popular, energetic, unapologetic, and camera ready to boot. Her massive, rabid following was the envy of Washington. Everyone wanted to be AOC, including Warren.

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This desire to be like AOC became a driving force in the Democratic primaries. Suddenly, “bold” new plans were being suggested that would have been scoffed at a number of years ago by Democrats. Universal Basic Income, Medicare for All, Free College, and more were brought up as plans that Democrats suddenly held as sacred rights. Abolishing ICE was put on the table and providing for illegal immigrants was discussed openly and unabashedly.

Marx was having his day within the Democratic party.

But then, as it turned out, the American people weren’t as gung-ho about all this socialism as Democrats had been lead to believe. As it turned out, the activists, media, and poll numbers weren’t as correct as they thought. Everything started going downhill.

No one is talking about Democrats and their policies with the enthusiasm they had hoped. At one point, Baby Yoda was more of a popular thing to talk about than the two leading Democrat candidates combined.

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As I said earlier this week, the current state of the 2020 Democratic primary can tell us a few things about what is and isn’t working with the American people. As of this writing, Joe Biden is the frontrunner by a hefty margin, while Sanders maintains second place and not really making any big movies up or down. This is in spite of the fact that he has Ocasio-Cortez’s constant backing.

Meanwhile, Warren and her radicalism have been nose-diving in popularity, not just with voters, but with dyed in the wool Democrat donors that have threatened to give money to Trump should she get the nomination.

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Trump has a lot going for him, namely a hyperactive economy that is putting people to work by the hundreds of thousands. Historically, presidents that have this kind of success stay in office, which already put the Democrats in an uphill battle.

But the fact that people are finding the Democrats this worthy of ignoring should be a loud claxon call for the left. Their party is being abandoned left and right by people who would have voted blue if, like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi once said of AOC’s district, if they’d slapped a D on a glass of water.

It’s clear that America isn’t as thirsty for radicalism as Warren once predicted. Biden’s statement about AOC and the future of the Democratic party isn’t particularly one that Democrats can afford not to abide. Should it continue, the Democrat party will become something too dangerous.

Let me explain. I would rather have a moderate Democrat party than a radical one that still holds weight. With Millennials and Gen Z signaling that they’re a generation with a majority completely cool with limiting or even eliminating certain constitutional rights, the Democratic party won’t be down and out forever. It’ll surge back right from under us and the next thing you know, we’ll have radicalism on a scale that will tear this nation apart.

Everything — and I mean everything — follows the laws of undulation. Everything rises and falls. Republicans won’t hold this power forever, or at the very least, America won’t be this gung-ho about it for years on end. The party can hardly keep its own voters happy at the best of times. At some point, Democrats will come roaring back.

We should all hope that Biden is right about his prediction so that when that day comes the people who are in charge aren’t pulling out all the stops to pass something like the Green New Deal.

The best way for this to happen is for Republicans to keep winning. So long as the Democrats continue to lose the lesson will continue to burn into them. We have the chance to establish the idea, not only to Americans, but to the entire world, that Marxism, socialism, and every other ridiculous leftist idea isn’t welcome here.

This may sound like I’m concerned over the health of the Democrat party, and that’s the last thing I want you to read into this. What I’m concerned about is the overall health of America, and the radicalism of the Democrats has made this country less safe. I can’t even click on the television without seeing how what it’s pushing nowadays is driving the populace to extremes. They can blame it on Trump all they want, but Trump didn’t create Antifa or Marxism. The left did.

If they continue to lose, Democrats will have no choice but to begin walking back toward the juncture where they started going wrong and choose the right path. If they don’t have the courage to do that, then things will get a lot worse before they get better.


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