Ringo Starr Voiced His Support On Brexit and Remainers are Viciously Turning On Him

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The Beatles are considered somewhat holy to many people, especially for those on the left. However, even being a member of the iconic band doesn’t save you from “cancel culture,” as Ringo Starr is finding out.


During an interview, Starr voiced his support for Brexit and noted that he would have if he was still living in the UK as well.

“The people voted…and they have to get on with it,” said Starr.

Starr noted that those who wish to remain in the European Union are complaining that they don’t like the vote and are doing everything in their power to undermine the democratic process in order to deny Brexit its chance at leaving the EU. Starr said that this is what the people voted for and now it’s time to get on with it.

The interviewer asked Starr if he would have voted for Brexit, to which Starr admitted that he would have, saying he thinks it’s a great move.

“I think, you know, to be in control of your own country is a good move,” said Starr.

Britain has voted in favor of leaving the E.U. but each attempt at reaching deals by which to leave it have been stymied by politicians trying to interfere with the process. Funny enough, they’re the ones claiming that they’re trying to protect democracy by doing so.

Current Prime Minister Boris Johnson suspended Parliament in a last-ditch effort to save Brexit, which remainers are arguing is a suspension of Democracy. It’s hard to say that, however, when Parliament are currently the ones trying to block Democracy from happening. Putting government in the corner is the right move by Johnson in order to preserve the will of the people. The same suggestion was given to Americans by its founding fathers.


For Starr to voice his support for Brexit is a hard pill to swallow for many on the left, and they voiced their hurt on Twitter in one form or another.




It’s true that Starr no longer lives in the UK, but his point about a country being in control of itself is no less true. What’s more, it’d be a completely different story for him and the left if he was a remainer.

It’s funny how even some of the most revered people can still get canceled the moment they run afoul of the will of the leftist collective.


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