Finally! Twitter Takes Action Against an Antifa Account, but It's Got a Long Way to Go

You’d think that taking action against a domestic terrorist group on your social network would be a no-brainer, but as it turns out, Twitter was having a hard time understanding that political violence is bad, even when it’s done by the left.


What seems more like a move born out of being backed against the wall, Twitter suspended an Antifa account that broke its rules. What did they finally have to do for Twitter to take action?

On Sunday, a member of Antifa, Willem Van Spronsen, hurled what were reported to be molotov cocktails at an ICE facility in Tacoma, Washington. Police shot Spronsen, killing him, and making him into something of a martyr for the cause. Twitter accounts that belonged to Antifa began singing Spronsen’s praises.

Since the incident that Spronsen was involved in is an act of violent terrorism, the aforementioned singing of his praises is actually considered a glorification of violence, and Twitter has finally used the ban hammer on the violent group of black-clad sideshows in our gene pool.

The specific target was an account called “Anarcho Raver,” who gave Spronsen a send off tweet saying “Rest in power you f**king hero.”

The Antifa Twitter account “Rural Resistance” seemed particularly upset that the account was taken down by Twitter.

And horror of horrors, Twitter did it on “non-binary day.” Can you believe that? The injustice!


I’d like to say it’s a good start, but it’s not. There are still a ton of Antifa accounts going wild over the Spronsen incident that could easily be considered a glorification, or even a call to violence.

You can find countless tweets like these across Twitter. Antifa is still thriving on the social network, and these accounts can’t get enough Spronsen glorification.

Yes, I’m happy Twitter finally did something. Now it needs to see it through.

People on both the right and the left — at least those on the left not completely under the influence of radical left’s brand of Kool-Aid — understand that Antifa is a domestic terrorist group that is only going to get more and more brave as time goes on. Unlike many of the right-leaning accounts that Twitter banned, Antifa truly is advocating violence. As these accounts continue to glorify someone like Spronsen, an ill man with radicalized notions, then you can bet they’ll begin to mimic his actions and how far he was willing to go.


Antifa members aren’t the smartest bunch and their reasoning ability doesn’t seem to be very well developed. Who knows how far they will take this, and if Twitter doesn’t do something about the rest of the accounts promoting Spronsen’s violence, then they can consider themselves complicit.


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