CNN Viewers are So Few, They're Outnumbered by Witches and Other Fringe Groups

The fine folks at the Media Research Center took the latest abysmal numbers discussing CNN’s viewership and compared them to groups in the United States that many would consider fringe. The results actually make CNN look even worse, to say the least.


As I previously covered, CNN’s April ratings have been an unmitigated disaster, having lost over a quarter of its total audience compared to this same time last year. That’s a loss of 237,000 viewers since April of 2018. The network is failing to achieve a million viewers during its primetime hours, peaking at 767,000.

So what groups outnumber CNN viewers?

Newsbusters highlighted that there are more prostitutes in America than CNN viewers, with an estimated total of 1 million hookers in the United States.

It gets worse.

According to Newsbusters, there are more witches and pagans, more real estate agents, and more households likely to keep chickens than flip on CNN:

There are more real-estate agents in the United States (1.3 million) than there are CNN viewers. And many more people work at Walmart (1.5 million) than watch CNN.

One survey suggests there could be twice as many witches and pagans in the United States (1 to 1.5 million) than there are CNN viewers.

Americans are more likely to ride a bicycle to work than to watch CNN. According to a new report from the Census Bureau, 836,569 Americans over the age of 16 say they ride a bike to work.

More households keep chickens and other poultry birds as pets (1,020,000) than tune in to CNN’s primetime shows, according to a survey from the American Veterinary Medical Association.


So you’re more likely to run into a witch than you are a CNN viewer in the wild. That’s gotta sting.

The drop in ratings — or at least its biggest drop — happened after the Mueller report was released and it was discovered that President Donald Trump hadn’t done any colluding with the Russian government, nor was he guilty of obstruction of justice.

This news was taken so hard by the left that some news outlets denied it for a time, instead choosing to believe that this was somehow damaging to Trump. CNN was one of those networks, and while everyone in the cable news sector has taken a bit of a hit, CNN has definitely taken the most damage.


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