The Navy Is Ordering Military Pilots to Report Unusual Sightings of Possible UFOs

The truth is out there, or at least the U.S. Navy wants to know if it is and is tasking its pilots with reporting anything strange they may encounter in the air.


According to NBC News MACH, sometimes military personnel are hesitant to report strange sightings for fear of being laughed at, but the military is now saying that any strange occurrence must be reported. The order primarily revolves around making sure enemy aircraft don’t invade U.S. airspace.

While most of the time these unidentified crafts end up being anything from balloons to birds, there have been unexplained instances of strange craft swiftly and erratically moving through our atmosphere. One such piece of footage was released by the military of a wingless, oval-shaped object moving at high speeds.

The DailyWire also noted one such incident where pilots saw something very strange:

Recent incidents may have provoked the Navy’s change in attitude; in November 2018 a female pilot reported seeing bright lights near her as she flew from Montreal to London. When she inquired whether there were military exercises in the area, air traffic control said there were not. NBC News reported she stated, “It came up on our left hand side and rapidly veered north,” adding that it was moving “so fast.” A second pilot, flying a Virgin Airlines flight, also reported seeing the object, saying, “Two bright lights over at 11 o’clock seemed to bank over to the right and then fly away.”


However, the new rules may encourage more pilots to speak up when they see something strange, and perhaps we may get more strange sightings like the one mentioned above:

In an interview with Politico, which first reported the changing rules, former Pentagon official Luis Elizondo said the new procedures could encourage pilots to speak up about unusual sightings, particularly if they might normally be wary to do so. Elizondo was head of the Pentagon’s now-defunct Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program, a $22-million initiative to study unusual sightings reported by military pilots, including the 2004 incident near San Diego. The program began in 2007 and ended in 2012.

As NBC News notes, this is in no way an acknowledgment by the military that aliens exist, but UFO’s are definitely playing a factor in this rule’s creation due to the fact that pilots were hitherto worried about speaking up about what they’ve seen.


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