WATCH: People Asked If Trump Immigration Quotes are Racist...Then Told They're Obama's

Screenshot: Youtube

It’s pretty difficult to escape a tribal mentality, and with a political duopoly like the kind we have here in America, sticking a quote on someone you don’t like will likely make you unwilling to believe the quote is a good one.


This can create a really interesting video if utilized properly, and that’s exactly what the Daily Caller News Foundation did with their latest “man on the street” Q&A.

The DCNF’s Katrina Hayden asked several people walking the streets of D.C. whether or not certain things Barack Obama had said on Saturday…only Hayden didn’t tell those she questioned they were Obama’s, she told them they were from “the president.”

One quote, in particular, was given to questioners that sounds like it could come from a Republican.

“If you’re going to have a coherent, cohesive society, then everybody has to have some agreed-upon rules,” said Obama. “It’s not racist to say if you’re going to be here then you should learn the language of the country you just arrived at.”

Hayden gave the question to a few people, and predictably, some called the comment racist right off the bat.

“That’s most definitely a racist idea,” said one woman. “I don’t know what he doing. He can just stop what he doing for real.”

“It’s extremely racist for him to believe that English is the only language we should know,” said another.


“I don’t agree with that statement in order to learn English to come to this country,” said another.

While some said they agree with an open borders policy, others agreed with the quote, saying that if you come to this country then you should do your best to assimilate to the ways of the country, including learning the language.

Upon revealing that Obama actually said the quotes, one woman changed her tune a bit, indicating that she is actually on board with the idea of assimilation. Others held their ground, stating that no President has gotten this right yet.

However, others weren’t surprised to hear that it came from Obama but wouldn’t care regardless, as their outlook is that immigration to America should require some level of assimilation.


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