WATCH: CBS Worried Joe Biden Is Too Moderate to be Democrat's 2020 Pick

Screenshot: YouTube

If you want proof that the radicals have taken over the Democratic party, here it is. The mainstream media is now floating the idea that former Vice President Joe Biden is too moderate to be President.


According to NewsBusters, CBS This Morning co-host John Dickerson sat on a panel on Monday where he wondered aloud if Biden was too old school for the new school of Democrats, and may be too reasonable.

“Joe Biden represents an older style way of thinking about the way government works in Washington. He’s a creature of the Senate,” said Dickerson.

“People in the Democratic Party believe whoever runs for president is going to have to run not as kind of a ‘Let us reason together,’ but as somebody who’s going to bring it hard and tough to Republicans. And Joe Biden is not that kind of Democrat,” he added.

While Biden being a centrist is debatable, the way the public views him is definitely along those lines.

The latest polls have Biden out in front of all other potential 2020 candidates, and he has kept that place for some time. Meanwhile, the “woke” parts of the Democratic party fully reject Biden, and despite being apparently smaller in number than the quieter moderate Democrats, they are horrifically influential.


In fact, their influence is so great that they catapulted Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif) from somewhere in the back to third in the polls after her CNN hit. Her qualifications and accomplishments as a politician aren’t many, but for Democrats who rely on identity politics to guide them, Harris fits the part optically.

The problem is that many in the Democratic party are too moderate for a radical like Harris, and a third have already expressed interest in jumping ship to a 3rd party candidate like former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, who has exhibited moderate left leanings.

Democrats best bet in 2020 remains Biden, but between now and the elections, Biden and the Democrats could do any number of things to self-sabotage.


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