WaPo Admits AOC Is Lying About "Doctored" Green New Deal, but Turns It On Trump

The Washington Post did a journalism all over the nation’s rug.

WaPo and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are not on the best of terms. Lies fly out of her mouth, WaPo fact-checks them, and the democratic socialist complains publicly, wondering why she is getting fact checked at all. Besides, that should only happen to Republicans…right?

Perhaps WaPo ran out of Pinnochios to give her, or it’s the more likely fact that perhaps they’re scared of the backlash they receive from the mob, but it would appear that the recent Washington Post fact check of Ocasio-Cortez is now Pinnochio-free.

According to The Hill, AOC’s claim that her ridiculous Green New Deal document was doctored was received with eye-rolls all over the nation, with the clear exception of a few media outlets, including one Washington Post journalist, Jeff Stein, who called the origins of The Green New Deal that the AOC camp released a “mystery.”

Spoiler: It came from Ocasio-Cortez’s camp. Mystery solved.

These so-called “doctored” Green New Deal documents included such lines as providing for those “unwilling” to work. The backlash on this line alone would be enough to make any politician cower, and so AOC’s camp did. Instead of taking full responsibility, however, AOC’s camp pointed the blame to unnamed malicious figures that “doctored” their document.

WaPo fact-checkers weren’t buying it.

“No one created ‘doctored’ versions of the Green New Deal that included these outlandish proposals,” admitted Salvador Rizzo.

“Most of the criticism she is responding to was based on documents from her office,” he added.

Before you get excited about the media doing its job, however, Rizzo had injected some blame toward Trump in the form of him bashing the Green New Deal as it was originally written, which apparently isn’t allowed anymore despite the fact that it gave us a clear look into what the radicals taking over the Democratic party truly want:

Trump is misrepresenting the Green New Deal as the plan is currently written. The resolution in Congress is full of sweeping ambition and grand goals, but it’s also vaguer and more moderate than he says. There’s nothing in there about putting an end to cars or cows or air travel or the military.’

Rizzo finishes by pointing out that AOC has now disowned her own Green New Deal, and so they’ll award her no Pinocchios despite her lies about it:

But Ocasio-Cortez has now disowned the FAQs and the statements that went beyond the resolution. The line about providing for people “unwilling to work” has been walked back completely. So we won’t be awarding any Pinocchios in this kerfuffle.

Let me break down what just happened in a summary for you.

The Washington Post called out Ocasio-Cortez for lying about what was in her Green New Deal, but because she took some of it back, she’s not lying anymore. Then they smacked Trump for calling out Ocasio-Cortez for what was in her Green New Deal originally.

So if Ocasio-Cortez punched you in the face and then took it back, WaPo’s logic is that you’d no longer have a bloody lip and a bruise despite the fact that you do. To top it off, if you said Ocasio-Cortez punched you after she took it back, WaPo would call you a liar.


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