WATCH: Feminist Tells People to Listen to "Fear" Over Facts During Meltdown Over People in MAGA Hats

Screenshot: YouTube

Social justice warriors have never taken kindly to Ben Shapiro’s famous “facts don’t care about your feelings” phrase, but the SJW being the weird creature it is has moved into making it okay to embrace your feelings over facts in a bizarre effort to combat the cosmic terror that is logic and realism.


One feminist perfectly demonstrated how willing to embrace delusion she was while having something of an audience fueled meltdown during the Women’s March after coming in contact with some MAGA hatted individuals.

According to YouTuber FogCityMidge, who posted the video on YouTube, she and her friends ran into a group of feminists during the Women’s March in LA, who began screaming about not wanting equality but the “whole f**king thing.”

“No facts, no argument, all hate,” wrote Midge. “This woman confronted us at the recent Women’s March in LA. She began by screaming that she did not want equality but wanted the ‘the whole f’ing thing’ before moving on to MAGA hats, cleaning [sic] they incite FEAR and are RACIST! What is she doing though? Inciting FEAR!”

During the video, the feminist in question with neck tattoos and a shaved head can be seen going through a range of emotions from screaming in rage to tearing up over the presence of MAGA hats, to talking and hugging sweetly with those wearing them.

During this roller coaster of emotion, the woman encourages her ideological opposition to “pay attention to fear, not logic,” adding later that “emotions are the only thing that are real in this world.”


While this may seem silly to any person with two brain cells to rub together, to a dyed in the wool SJW, this phrase may actually be something of a tested truth for them.

SJWs live in a world where they’re forced to embrace fantasies about gender, biology, economics, and more. Let’s add on the fact that the social justice landscape changes by the day depending on what narrative needs to be at the forefront, and soon you’ll be living in a place where the only constant is your fear, anger, and outrage.

In the real world, this woman is out of her mind insane, but she may just be the most honest person in the social justice crowd. For SJWs, emotions, especially that of fear, are the only stable thing there is in that world. Everything harkens back to being a victim who should be afraid of this group or that group.



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