Dan Crenshaw Calls Out Democrats: Stop Using Federal Workers as Pawns and Pay Them

Freshman Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw has had enough of the games being played by Democrats during this shutdown and made a point to let Democrats know how he feels about their using Federal Workers as a shield and sword against Trump.


Appearing on Fox and Friends, Crenshaw called Democrats out on their “priority” when it comes to federal workers as a complete falsehood due to the fact that they’ve actually turned down efforts to get them paid.

“This is a very little known fact but it’s very important. Over the last week, we voted twice on a motion to recommit, which would send an appropriations bill back to committee, in order to pay federal workers,” said Crenshaw. “Now this is separate from the bipartisan plan to give them back pay. That’s separate. This is two other bills that would actually pay them in real time. This would actually pay them right now.”

“If [the Democrats’] priority is really federal workers, and that’s a laudable priority for sure, then let’s actually pay them so that they can’t be used as pawns,” Crenshaw added. “If we’re not paying them, then I don’t know what else to say except that Democrats actually want them as leverage and that’s really not right.”


Crenshaw has been attempting to point out that the Democrats have been refusing to pay federal workers for some time now, and publicly blasted the media for their failure to cover various important events such as that one.

Meanwhile, Crenshaw has put his own money where his mouth is and has refused to accept a paycheck for himself so long as federal workers are not getting paid themselves.

(h/t: Daily Caller)


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