Patreon Allowing Violent Far Left Extremists a Platform Despite Purging Right-Leaning Users Over Far Less

Silicone Valley has a massive bias problem, and it’s so bad that it will literally allow violent leftists to thrive on their platforms while banning right-leaning accounts for simply saying bad words, or continuously lacking the correct level of political correctness.


Patreon, the largest crowdfunding platform on the internet has been making it a habit to boot certain users like Sargon of Akkad and Lauren Southern due to accusations that they promote hate in some way shape or form. They like to pretend that their words would inspire violence, and are therefore too dangerous to allow them to keep making money through their company.

Yet, as Far-Left Watch had found, Patreon is still allowing various violent left-wing groups to utilize the platform to gather cash. The following are a few of the groups they found:

Revolutionary Left Radio:

This far-left podcast currently has  over 700 Patrons who donate monthly to their show, which is hosted by Brett Anderson aka “Breht Oshea”. Brett has a criminal record and is a vocal proponent of armed confrontation with the state and with people who he calls “reactionaries” (ie. people who oppose Communism).

Here are just some of the more inflammatory tweets from both the Revolutionary Left Radio twitter account and Brett.

In this thread, they openly admit their ideology and tactics are “authoritarian” but they believe their violence is justified because it is for the greater good.

Far-Left Watch proceeded to list a few examples of the tweets that encourage violence. It’s also worth noting that these tweets are still live and Twitter itself has taken no action.


Here they talk about putting their political opponents (labeled as fascists) against the wall, a reference to executions.

Revolutionary Left Radio’s leader is also seen encouraging followers to use guerrilla tactics and asymmetrical warfare.

Another group Patreon still allows on its platform is the Guillotine Podcast:

The Guillotine Podcast:

This far-left podcast currently has over 350 Patrons who donate monthly to their show, which is hosted by an extremist who uses the moniker “Dr. Bones” as well as Brett Anderson. “Dr. Bones”, who is also a regular guest on Revolutionary Left Radio,  is a self described “Egoist-Communist, Insurrectionist, and an Illegalist”. He also has his own dedicated Patreon page with that he has been using in order to “inspire insurrection”. After we brought this to the attention of Patreon and Patreon support, “Dr. Bones” removed that language from his page as well as language where he discussed firing “massive .44 rounds at the heads of politicians and capitalists”.  Not to worry, we archived it before he made the changes.

Here is how the page looks before and after Far-Left Watch alerted Patreon. No takedown of the page itself for encouraging violence against others, just a change in the wording.


And here is Dr. Bones reminding his followers that they need simply outshoot their opponents in the event of something like a riot, and not engage in dialogue.

And here he is straight up encouraging others to threaten rich people with violence.

No action from Twitter or Patreon as of yet.

To view even more posts from these two entities, be sure to check out Far-Left Watch’s complete list.

It’s fascinating to see just how quickly Twitter and Patreon will move against figures like Laura Loomer for merely pointing out a Democrat elected officials support for something like Sharia Law, while accounts like the kind above seem to post encouragements to violence without so much as a peep from either platform.


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