WATCH: Ohio State Leftists Can't Explain Why They're Protesting Ben Shapiro, but Do Threaten Physical Harm

Screenshot: Fleccas YouTube

And people wonder why we refer to them as NPC’s.

Austen Fletcher, more popularly known by YouTube name “Fleccas,” once again showed up at a college protest in order to see what protesters were protesting about, and sure enough, protesters had no idea.


Heading to Ohio State to cover the protests against Ben Shapiro, Fleccas attempted to ask various people what it was Shapiro said or did that made them show up to protest today. While everyone quickly labeled every “ist” and “phobe” in the book, no one could actually recite anything Shapiro did to earn him that title.

Instead of answering any questions, protesters instead devolved into chants such as “f*ck your discourse” and “abortion is healthcare, healthcare is our right.” Protesters also blamed Shapiro, a very Jewish person, for instigating anti-Semitism and placed blame on him for the Pittsburg synagogue shooting.

At one point in time, one masked protester attempted to grab the microphone out of Fleccas’s hand after calling him a fascist because he supported the police. Another protester informed some of the people there in favor of Ben Shapiro that if they were to step away from the police presence, he would “end” them.

Regardless, many students who were there to support Shapiro attempted to start up conversations with those with opposing viewpoints. This was not something that protesters were there to do, however. Many continued to chant, or flat out deny interviews to happen.


Bizarrely, the protesters even had posters that displayed former President Ronald Reagan with X’s over his eyes and proclaimed that Ronald Reagan was dead. The purpose of this was not explained by anyone holding the sign.

Once again, leftist college protesters turned out to be as odd as they are uneducated about the thing they’re protesting about. They’re told what to believe and say, and don’t question why they believe what they do.



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