Michael Avenatti Turns on Beto O'Rourke After Loss, and Even His Fans Mark It as a Bad Move

If creepy porn lawyer Michael Avenatti is running in 2020, he’s certainly not making any inroads to people’s good graces.

First, he played a part in the success of Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court by throwing up a witness that was so ludicrous that it tarnished the entire sexual assault narrative against Kavanaugh, essentially giving Republicans the victory and stripping Democrats of so much momentum that it hurt them in the midterms.


Now, it would appear that Avenatti attacked one of the left’s most beloved politicians, the failed Senate candidate in Texas Robert “Beto” O’Rourke.

According to Avenatti, O’Rourke lost because he adopted the hope and change narrative made popular by Obama a decade ago, and instead of attacking Republicans viciously, O’Rourke was playing mister nice guy moderate.

“The results confirm what I have been advocating,” tweeted Avenatti. “Those Dems that preach “puppies and daisies” are losing and the fighters are winning. There is only one path to success in 2020, and it’s not turning the other cheek. When they go low, we hit harder.”

Avenatti isn’t very good at paying attention to trends. If he needs evidence, many of his fans don’t even agree with him.




During the midterms, the Democrats that tended to get elected in red states were very moderate in their positions. While O’Rourke held some hard left stances, his Mr. Nice Guy act was actually what attracted many a Texas voter. They felt that he was willing to work with others, not just slam them and put them down.

O’Rourke’s approach partly won him the love of enough Texans to give the conservative’s conservative, Ted Cruz, a run for his money in a very red state. There are other factors involved in O’rourke’s rise in Texas, but that’s another article.


If Avenatti has any presidential aspirations, he’s already setting off on the wrong tone. Nothing smells worse to the majority of American voters than an extreme Democrat, and they will turn away and vote for someone they actually think is horrendous in order to avoid putting a radical leftist in office. You can ask Hillary Clinton about that.

Some advice for Avenatti: Don’t hate on the guy leftists love most besides Berie Sanders. Leave that to us on the right.

Some further advice: Just kinda…go away.


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