Here's a Perfect Example of How Social Justice Warriors Cannot and Do Not Want To Be Pleased

To those who have not been fully introduced into the culture of the social justice warrior, the rule of thumb is that they are impossible to please.

The SJW needs something, anything to be wrong in order for them to maintain a static victimhood. This is seen in many different ways, but it’s highly noticeable in pop-culture. How often have you seen the SJW community complain that a Disney movie is racist because it’s not culturally diverse enough? How many times have you seen them say a certain movie, show, or comic book didn’t do well because people are racist or sexist?


A very recent example came from the social justice warriors targeting video games.

The game “Kingdom Come: Deliverance” is a game made by Warhorse Studios. The game is an open-world role-playing game set in the heart of Europe during the medieval era. As you can imagine there are tons of castles, peasants, horses, liege lords, swords, bows, arrows, and feudal feuds.

It also contains a lot of white people, which is exactly what you would find in medieval Bohemia. For social justice warriors, this was a problem.

Warhorse studios wanted to take a more realistic approach to the game. There are no dragons or magic. The game takes a realistic approach to the history of the land with goings on of the time, important names, locations, and events are all treated with as much historical accuracy as the game can provide. There’s even an entire index where you can read up on the person or locations you just visited.

This sticking to historical accuracy meant that there were pretty much no people of color within the game. You’ll go the breadth of the land and not find a single black person, and why would you? In that time, anybody with a high melanin level was likely a very rare sight.

Naturally, Warhorse Studios and its fans were accused of racism through articles from Kotaku and Eurogamer, to even angry Reddit threads. There aren’t any black people in the game, and according to the social justice community, that’s a crime. The game cannot take its place in the halls of the greats, which after playing it for a while myself, may be where it belongs.


But let’s fast forward to the social justice warrior’s latest, most hated game “Far Cry 5.” I’ve already gone into detail why the left hates this game, and they have good reason to. You can read more about that here.

But to add to the hate, on Wednesday, Vice released an article written by Dexter Thomas, a black game reviewer who was upset over Far Cry 5 because the game DID contain too many black people. The game takes place in modern-day Montana where the vast majority of the population is white. However, the inclusion of so many black people, according to Thomas, is an indication that the game is too unrealistic.

Far Cry 5 was supposed to be the anti-right game of the year, but ended up being far too friendly to it for the leftist media.

Interestingly, he goes on to complain that there are no native-Americans, though I’m not sure how he would have deduced that. Today’s native Americans dress like any other person and don’t always have the stereotypical accents seen in shows and movies. Skin tones and hair colors vary within the game. To say none of them match up to a Native-American isn’t at all accurate.

But the part that really shows you how unpleasable the SJW community is with Thomas’s summation:

Far Cry 5’s ham-fisted appeal to “diversity” via dumping black characters onto the screen is not offensive, per se.

But it is symbolic of a deeper issue: Ubisoft’s seemingly low estimation of the kind of “America” that gamers are willing to see. In all of the press for the game, the Far Cry developers have stressed how much time they spent in Montana in order to make it authentic — going fishing, looking at the landscape, having beers with locals.

But anyone who has lived in America would recognize the country that appears in Far Cry 5 as inauthentic. It’s disappointing that realism in this video game was not limited by graphical limitations or writing talent, but by timidness.


In summation, Thomas is angry that injecting the diversity SJWs howl for into the game where diversity would be hard to come by in the setting is just a cheap way of using people of color to make your game seem more diverse.

You’re damned if you do, and damned if you don’t, and that’s how the social justice warrior operates. Fall short of their expectations and they lambaste you. Try to meet their expectations, and they rail you.

See it’s not because an SJW has impossibly high standards, it’s because they have no standards. The SJW community is concerned only with being a victim. That is the SJW’s goal. It’s not an end to racism or sexism. They need both of those. It’s also not an end to the wage gap (there isn’t one) nor is it to exterminate misogyny.

These things and more put them in the position of “victim” which grants them a sort of power due to our society’s overall willingness to be civilized and good. Social justice warriors utilize a sort of pseudo-moral jujitsu, where the SJW claims they’ve been wronged by society, usually by utilizing a hardship or wrong done to them. It doesn’t matter if the hardship was brought upon them by their own making, or if it didn’t happen to them at all. It could have happened to anyone. The point, however, is that it happened at some point somewhere, at some time, and it reflects on them somehow. Either way, society is to blame for it, and it’s up to society to meet their expectations and return to a state of good that the SJW community sets as the goal.


And so the SJW claims victimhood and puts society in the hold. Society just goes along with it, unwilling to be the bad guy and wishing to fix the wrong. But even if society does move to fix the problem, it’s not enough. According to them, it’s something we as a society have to “work on.” And so long as there is just one victim of (insert cause here) then the fight is never over.

And so the fight is never over. It’s the perfect scam. They get power, and society willingly hands it to them out of sympathy, or guilt, or an effort to be “better.”

If society does want to improve and advance, then it should do its absolute best to ignore the social justice community.


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