Why We Can't Have Nice Things: Senate Democrats Push Hysterical Stupidity About Net Neutrality

You can always count on Democrats to preach fire and brimstone if we don’t repent and turn from our right leaning ways. It’d be humorous if it didn’t work on so many people, who would immediately jump under a desk and cower helplessly if they told everyone the sky was falling.


Senate Democrats went full-on asinine with Net Neutrality fear-mongering on Tuesday as they tweeted out one of the most obnoxious tweets I’d ever seen.

Firstly, that’s not even remotely true. Let’s say the repeal of net neutrality did bring about an apocalyptic hellscape version of the internet. It still wouldn’t come through at the speed of telegraph. Not even my dial-up connection was that slow back in the day.

But on top of that, Net Neutrality isn’t going to kill anyone’s internet. At worst it’ll allow rich people to afford better speeds, at best it will let tech companies do what they naturally do, and improve the tech on the market, or make all new and better tech altogether. Not even the former point is bad. The first company to offer faster internet speeds for cheaper to lower income workers will find themselves swimming in customers. The market would demand the internet provide better service, not worse.


Side note: It’s odd that the vast majority of tweets pushing anti-net neutrality repeal narratives center overwhelmingly in D.C. where histrionics like the above are being generated.

But even if you do side with net neutrality, you can agree that this level of ridiculousness from the Democrats is not at all helpful. Anyone with even a novice’s knowledge about the issue would know that we run no risk of having our internet slowed so much that we can only see the internet one word at a time. The internet companies, slimy as they can be, would benefit nothing from it.

So the Democrats are making up nonsense in order to scare people into resisting whatever the Republicans are doing today. Don’t fall for it, and feel free to call them out for their scaremongering while you’re at it.


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