Rand Paul's Unneighborly Attacker May Be Spending a Couple Years Being Neighbors With Inmates

The neighbor of Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) may be spending the next couple of years in prison for his unsuspecting attack on the Senator according to new documents filed by Paul’s attorneys.


According to The Hill, prosecutors will seek just under 2 years (21 months) in prison for Rene Boucher, the man who attacked Paul and ended up breaking some of Paul’s ribs. While Boucher admits to the assault, he denies that the attack was at all politically motivated, instead blaming his anger at Paul on lawn maintenance.

The court document was filed on Monday.

Paul says he and Boucher have not had any contact for a decade beforehand, but Boucher’s attorney says Boucher was motivated for the attack by a pile of brush near his property line. Paul has hinted in the past that Boucher’s claim is a false one, and it was indeed politically motivated, though he hasn’t outright stated this.

It is now common knowledge, however, that Boucher was an avid socialist. Seeing as how Paul is the exact opposite and has a friendly relationship with the left’s most hated man in the world, it’s tough to believe that Boucher’s attack, as vicious as it was, was over lawn clippings.


In the end, however, Paul doesn’t see the motivation as important, as an attack is an attack.

“After my ribs were broken, then he said things to me to try to indicate why he was unhappy but I think the, I guess to me the bottom line is it isn’t so important — if someone mugs you is it really justified for any reason?” he told Fox News.

Paul’s point of view is a valid one, seeing as how the pain he went through after his attack was intense as detailed by a heartbreaking op-ed written by his wife.

A concern here, for many, will be whether or not two years is enough for someone who attacked a sitting Senator.


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